Your Easiest Lashes Just Got Easier

Although there are already hundreds of reasons why FlutterHabit lashes are a favorite, The Setup is about to make customizing lash wear even more easy and convenient! Stay with us today as we deep dive into one of our favorite new products of 2024. 

What is The Setup?

The Setup is an underlash adhesive primer designed to pair with our Made For This Adhesive for precision application and unbeatable hold. The Setup works as a quick hold for lash segments while Made For This is drying, making it faster and easier to apply lashes on the go. It’s especially good for corners of the eye that can be harder to get to or that might slip around during application. 

How Do I Use It?

The Setup is applied via mascara wand, making precision detail much simpler and easier. For best results, product should be concentrated at the root of the lash to improve the hold of the segments and pair well with the preceding application of Made For This. Feel free to use the convenience of the applicator to apply extra attention to any typical problem areas you might have, such as lifting corners, etc. Applying adhesive directly to the lashes gives you more control over the application process so that you can apply and wear your favorite styles more confidently. Remember, proper application is key for hold and longevity and The Setup allows for a more precise application that will extend the life and hold of your lashes. Pairing The Setup with Made For This is a no-brainer for extra firm, worry-free holding power!

Tips & Tricks

Have you ever wanted to wear FlutterHabit just for a day or so for a very special occasion? Maybe your go-to lash is a little more natural and you wanted to wear a high glam lash style? You’re in luck! The Setup can be used alone to hold your styles in place for just a day or so. This allows you to have even more flexibility with reusable styles that you’d like to switch in and out of. 


Removal is always a breeze when you use our Removal Balm but if you haven’t given that a try just yet, The Setup will soak off just like Made For This does. For detailed removal instructions, check out our blog on How to Safely Remove Your FlutterHabit Lashes.

At FlutterHabit we are always looking for ways to continue to improve, grow, and innovate. We can’t wait to hear what you love most about The Setup and we know you’ll look as beautiful as ever in FlutterHabit with extra hold thanks to The Setup!