About us

Unsatisfied with both falsies and eyelash extensions, Kasey Jackson set out to find a solution that combined the benefits of both. Mainly she needed something with long wear times, affordable prices, and a comfortable application she could do at home.

Since no other products existed that could check all those boxes, she began to attempt to create something herself. Along the way she discovered a little trick that some professional makeup artists were using on their clients, using small segments underneath the natural lash instead of large strips on top.

After months of experimentation from her bathroom vanity, she expanded on that trick until she was finally able to create exactly what she had been looking for. After a few weeks of people asking, "Who does your eyelashes?" and "Are those real?", she knew she had created the perfect product for those like her who love the look of extensions, but can't afford the cost, time commitment and hassle that is normally required.

In the summer of 2019 Kasey and husband, Tim, launched the FlutterHabit brand with a single style, The Original, and never looked back. FlutterHabit has grown virally on social media and has yet to stop, amassing tens of thousands of monthly subscribers and hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.