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Our lashes are designed to go underneath your natural lashes, in pre-designed light-as-a-feather segments.

Don't fret though, new tricks can be fun to learn and we're here to guide you. 

Endless Confidence


FlutterHabit is exactly what I've been looking for! They are LIGHT WEIGHT and extremely COMFORTABLE. They were simple to apply and they look incredible. I get so many compliments. I'm so thankful for these lashes! My newest habit!


I seriously adore FlutterHabit. After a few applications it became super natural, they look phenomenal & they are so affordable for someone who could otherwise never afford extensions. They last up to ten days for me (which is amazing) and can't be felt when I'm wearing them...


I'm a huge fan of these lashes. I was skeptical at first, but after my first quick application (under 20 minutes start to finish) I'm a lifelong customer. These look amazing, aren't difficult to apply, don't hurt at all, and are priced right!  I love my flutterhabit.


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