Reclaim your time: How to Get The Most Out Of An Extra Hour

It’s that time of year again. Despite efforts to eliminate it completely, for now, daylight savings is still here. Whether you love it or hate it overall, getting an extra hour in our busy days is always a nice (if short-lived) consolation prize. Although the most familiar joke among busy adults is that we’re looking forward to an extra hour of sleep, the reality is that there are lots of intentional and beneficial ways to use an extra hour in our day. Now, you may be asking, “why does an at-home lash brand care about daylight savings?” As a brand that is passionate about self-care and empowerment, we love finding new ways to help our customers not only look but feel their best at all times. So, we’ve compiled a handful of suggestions of intentional ways you can care for yourself, or even those you love, with your extra hour. If you’re reading this after daylight savings has passed, no worries! These ideas are still perfect for any opportunity that you get to carve out a little time for yourself. Keep reading to see what we’ve got in store for you!

Catch up with loved ones 

An extra hour in your day is a perfect opportunity to catch up with a loved one that you haven’t spent quality time with in a while! You could call or video chat with them, or meet for a walk, coffee, or a meal. As we continue to cope with the effects of Covid-19 and the reality that many of us still aren’t socializing in all of the ways that we used to, the opportunity to really connect with loved ones is such a privilege as well as an integral part of our well being. Having someone intentionally listen to us, and reciprocating that listening ear, brings satisfaction and joy to our lives. Spending time with family or friends has even been proven to fight stress and assist in regulating our nervous system.

Move your body

Aside from the tough reputation that movement sometimes gets, it is GREAT for more than just your physical body. Movement improves your mental and emotional health as well. It can boost hormones that alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, release tension from your body, and help you get a good night's sleep. The best part is, aside from safety measures, there are no rules to this type of movement. You can go for a hike with your pup or some friends, swim some laps, have a dance party with your kiddos (or by yourself if you’re like us), rent a paddleboat, take a scenic bike ride, or hit the gym if that’s your jam. Your choice of movement can be as simple as a deep stretching session, or as active as a game of your favorite sport with friends. No matter what you choose, movement is a great way to honor your health and happiness and an hour is the perfect amount of time to dedicate to feeling great. 

Reclaim your space

While an hour may not be enough time to completely Marie Kondo your living space, it is the perfect amount of time to organize, clean, or redecorate an important space like your office, living room, or bedroom. Just the act of implementing a new storage method, decluttering, or adding a painting or plant can do wonders for your satisfaction and ability to enjoy your space even more. Grab a fall theme bouquet of flowers to place near your door and welcome you home. Move your bedroom or office furniture around to improve the energy of the space. The options are endless. It can be very easy to habitually mimic the way we see others lay out and decorate their homes but one of the most important things about creating a space that works for you is just that, asking yourself if your space is really working FOR you or is it just a space that you inhabit? Do you struggle to keep your shoes organized in a rack but hate having a pile at the front door? Switch the rack out for a stylish bin that you can toss your shoes into. Do your cabinets and drawers drive you crazy? Grab some organizers and whip those cabinets into shape! Get some peel and stick wallpaper to brighten up your office, or visit the thrift store in search of a unique painting to spruce up your walls. Make your space a little more “you” now and it will pay off for weeks and months to come. 

Boost your beauty routine

You had to know this was coming, right? While mind, body, and soul are the most essential parts of our well-being, there's no denying that there are tremendous benefits in all areas of our life when we look and feel amazing. When we feel great we’re happier, more productive, and overall behave in a more positive manner. I’m sure you can relate. However, despite knowing these things, often times this part of our self-care routine gets put on the back burner. FlutterHabit was designed for the purpose of providing its users with the opportunity to have a salon-quality look while saving both time and money. Scheduling and sticking to appointments can be overwhelming and expensive. We are so proud to provide our users with the option to do their lashes and brows at home, in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. An extra hour is more than enough time to light a candle, do your full skincare routine, apply your FlutterHabit lashes and throw on some brow trainers to boost the results of our at-home lamination product! It’s as easy as that. You’ll then be free to enjoy up to 10 days of DIY lash extensions that are perfect for any look. Add in regular use of our brow lamination and trainers and you’ll be saying “I woke up like this” in no time. If you need assistance with lash application, please feel free to visit our application library for more information.

Nourish your body

Many experts suggest that there are 4 types of hunger. Some go as far as to divide those categories up even further, but the main 4 will suffice for our purposes. The 4 types are determined as: 

-Physical - when you feel hungry

-Taste - when you’re craving something specific

-Emotional - eating for emotional reasons such as coping or nostalgia

-Practical - eating at a planned time to nourish your body and prevent future hunger  

An hour is a great time to show your body love by satisfying whatever type of hunger you are experiencing. Maybe it's indulging emotional hunger by making Grandma’s recipe with your little ones and enjoying the result together. Maybe it's ordering that carryout you’ve been craving and watching a movie. Or maybe it's a well-balanced meal with savory roasted veggies and high-quality ingredients to bring a little balance back to your food intake after a busy week. Whatever your body is asking for, honor it. Honor it and enjoy it with love. 

No matter what you decide to do with your extra hour, we hope that you are able to spend the time intentionally caring for yourself or your loved ones in whatever way calls to you. We appreciate you being here. To learn more about FlutterHabit and our incredible lash and brow products, please visit our website. To stay in the know about all things new and exciting at FlutterHabit, join our email list here.