Why FlutterHabit Lashes?

With many lash and brow products on the market, you may find yourself asking, “Why FlutterHabit” when considering which products are best for you. This is completely fair and it’s a question we frequently ask ourselves here at FlutterHabit as well. Asking these questions helps us to stay true to our values and mission while creating reliable products that are different from any other DIY lashes that you’ve seen before. 

Today we’ll discuss some of our favorite aspects of what makes FlutterHabit special so that you can make the most informed decision when trying out your new favorite lashes with us. 

Fluffy lashes!

Some DIY lash systems rely on a “mascara” wand glue system that requires fusing extensions into your natural lashes by squeezing. However, at FlutterHabit we’ve developed a unique system that allows you to get long-wearing, DIY lashes without needing to fuse, flattening out all the volume, resulting in the fluffiest-looking DIY lashes on the market!

Unique adhesive technique

Some of our competitors require multiple sealers, tools, and adhesives to get a long-wearing, safe hold. Alternatively, FlutterHabit’s Made For This adhesive was thoughtfully formulated to be the only product you need to achieve a comfortable hold for long-wearing lashes. 

Made For This adhesive is designed to be applied in a line just to the base of the lashes. It dries into a soft, rubber-like substance that gently surrounds and grips the base of the natural lashes to provide a long-wearing hold with no lingering sticky residue!

Clean and easy removal

Not all adhesives are created equal. Many lash adhesives clump your lashes together and are very difficult to remove, increasing the risk of damage to your lashes. Fortunately, Made For This adhesive is designed for easy, clean removal with no residue left behind. 

How does this work? Glad you asked. Our adhesive is designed to dry into one flexible solid piece at the base of the lash segments. During removal, it is designed to stick to itself instead of to your lashes making it easy to wipe away with no damage to your natural lash. Simply soak your lashes in warm water and use our lash removal balm to watch your lash segments melt away leaving behind clean, nourished natural eyelashes. 

Simplified system

At Flutterhabit, we believe that achieving perfect lashes at home doesn't have to be complicated. We understand that learning to do your own lashes can feel overwhelming, and we have designed our products and support resources to help you get the look you want without feeling like you need to become a beauty professional. Our unique lash styles are all designed to be "grab and go" with no complicated stacking, "mapping", or planning required. This makes FlutterHabit lashes the perfect DIY lashes for everyone from lash newbies to seasoned professionals. However, if you do wish to customize your lashes, feel free to do so using these tips and tricks for customization. 

Guaranteed support

At FlutterHabit, we put our money where our mouth is, and take the risk out of doing your own lashes. Learning a new beauty trick like doing your own lash extensions can sometimes feel intimidating, but we have a team of experts ready to help you get your perfect long-wearing lash application every day of the week. In fact, we are so confident that our team of experts can help you get the lashes of your dreams, that we offer a free money-back guarantee. If you can't get your lashes applied confidently after doing a video consultation with us, we'll refund you for your box of lashes and adhesive! Does your mascara company do that?

Ready to take the leap into a whole new world of DIY lash extensions with salon-quality results in minutes? Shop our collections now to get started!