The Best Lash Extensions for Busy Moms

No matter what Mom life looks like for you, we know there are a variety of responsibilities that demand your time and attention. Did you know that FlutterHabit lashes were created by a mom as a result of her schedule, time and budget constraints? As the concept grew, the benefits of our products to moms has always remained top of mind. The founder’s goal was to provide a product that fostered confidence without an excessive demand on time and resources. The result? An easy to apply, super customizable, 10-day wear DIY lash extension system that gives salon quality results for a fraction of the cost. As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to develop products and tools for every kind of mom, no matter what her vibe is.  


No makeup, no problem! 

Whether you’re on the go, or simply like a “less is more” look, don’t be mistaken into thinking that lashes aren’t for you. Imagine this, you wake up every morning looking like you have the perfect mascara on, but you never have to fool with applying it every day or removing it every night! Styles like The Baby Lash or Shorties add the perfect amount of enhancement to your look without being so dramatic that they require additional makeup to balance them out. These styles are perfect if you need to get up and go but they also work well for those who want a clean, minimal makeup look. Think tinted moisturizer, blush, and a little lip balm.  


Do it all lashes for the do it all mom 

If you like a lash that can play as many roles as you do, we recommend styles like The Sweetheart, The Bestie, or Weightless No. 2. These styles step up to the plate no matter what the occasion: running errands, playdates, brunch with the girls, or an impromptu date night! Dress them up or down, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you’ll look and feel amazing from morning to night, regardless of what the day brings.  


Go big or go home! 

Finally, we could never forget the glamorous gals. For moms who feel their best with lashes that make a statement, we’ve got gorgeous styles for you! If you’re a volume lover, we recommend Weightless No. 5 or The Flirt. For a lash with length and volume, you can’t go wrong with Weightless No. 6! Of course, length will vary per person as different eye sizes will change how long a lash appears on you. To try a variety of our most dramatic styles, we recommend our Collection Box in Dramatic 


Don’t see your perfect style described here? Not to worry. There are lots of additional styles available and every single style is customizable. You can change your lash look or shape by applying more or less segments, applying the segments in a different order across the lid, or trimming the segments for a perfect fit for your eye shape. The opportunities are endless. Be sure to pick up primer, adhesive, remover, and application tools to make application and removal as seamless as possible. Need everything listed above? Save money when you build your own bundle! Create your own, or shop our pre-made bundles. We’re so glad you’re here and we can’t wait to see you flourish in lashes that make you feel as incredible as you are, mama!