Lash Health with FlutterHabit lashes

In a recent survey of almost 500 customers that have used both salon-applied eyelash extensions and FlutterHabit lashes, only 40% responded they were satisfied with the health of their natural eyelashes after using traditional salon-applied extensions (with one lash fiber applied per natural lash). Responders in this survey were asked specifically to rank from 1 - 5 “How satisfied were you with the health of your natural lashes after removing your extensions?” with 60% of responders scoring a 2 or less.

Furthermore, responders who have received volume lash extension (more than 1 lash fiber applied per natural lash), rated their lash health even worse, scoring at a 31% satisfaction rate.

This underscores our own experience, and speaks to why we feel so strongly that FlutterHabit lashes are not just beneficial to your wallet and time, but also your lash health. 

In this same survey, customer were asked to score their satisfaction with their lash health after wearing FlutterHabit lashes, and 93% of customers reported being satisfied with the health of their natural lashes post-removal -- some of them after months of continued wear.

This is by design. Unlike traditional eyelash extensions, our lightweight lash segments are designed to cling to a larger number of lashes per segment to disperse the weight of the lashes across many of your natural lashes at once, rather than one individual eyelash bearing the weight alone. Teamwork FTW!  

But 93% isn’t good enough for us, so we’ve got some information to help ensure your natural lashes stay long and healthy, even when using FlutterHabit lashes.

1. Removal is key -

    Safe Removal is key to the health of your natural eyelashes. Most customers report that the easiest and safest way to remove FlutterHabit lashes is in a hot shower or bath. Submerge the lashes fully in warm water for 30-45 seconds, and use your fingers to rub gently up and down your eye until the segments slide off. Additionally, many people report using an oil-based makeup remover or pure coconut oil also helps the process. The key is DON’T PULL on the segments. If you can feel any tension on your natural lashes, the glue is not soft enough for removal yet. Just keep gently rubbing up and down on the lashes until they slide off smoothly.

    2. Don’t go overboard - 

    FlutterHabit lashes are designed to be worn safely for 3-5 days for most people, but healthy wear-time can vary per person. Everyone is different, so pay attention to how your body responds. If you experience any noticeable breakage or thinning in your natural lashes, we recommend reducing wear time upon your next application. Some customers like to brag about 10+ days of wear time, and we love that they are having success, but this can be too long for many of us to do safely, so rule #2 is to ensure you stick to a few days at a time. 

    3. Go lighter - 

    Though all our lash styles are designed to be feather-light for the best under-eyelash application, not all lash styles are the same. If you are sensing some stress in your lashes, try going lighter. Some customers report that wearing our lightest lash style--the Shorties--for their “everyday” look, and only wearing our longer or more voluminous styles for special occasions or weekends helps keep their lashes looking healthier than wearing the more dramatic styles every day.

    4. Take a rest - 

    If you are still experiencing noticeable damage to your natural lashes after using proper removal techniques, wear-time, and trying lighter lash options, we suggest giving your eyelashes a break between wears. Even the lightest lashes on Earth cause some stress to your natural lashes, so this is a good practice regardless. Many people have also reported that using a quality lash serum has helped keep their lashes strong and healthy.

    In summary, take care and give these tips a try until you discover what your natural lashes prefer most. We are always here for you, so feel free to reach out by direct messaging us on any of our social media channels for one on one support from our Flutter Experts or drop into our community on FlutterHabit Family to hear tips and tricks from other users.