How to apply your FlutterHabit lashes

It’s time! It's lash time that is. If this is your first application, WELCOME. If you’re here for some tips or a refresher, it’s great to see you too! Whether you’re new to applying lashes entirely, or used to applying strip lashes, we are excited to introduce you to our “under the eyelash” application method and all the benefits that come with wearing FlutterHabit lashes. 

A new way based on an old trick 

When Founder, Kasey was looking for a solution to her at-home lash needs, she came across a method used by professional makeup artists. This method involved deconstructing strip lashes into segments and applying them underneath the lashes rather than above. Doing this offered makeup artists more lid space, hid the bulky line of the strip lashes, and provided a comfortable, natural lash look. Kasey quickly got to work experimenting, testing, and eventually developing an at-home lash application that lasts up to 10 days, applies easily, and looks professionally done every time. Like any new process, learning is required. Keep reading to learn our expert application tips for a flawless application of your favorite FlutterHabit Lashes!

What you’ll need:

Step 1

Gently remove a lash segment from the card using your fingertips. We recommend applying from the outer corner of the eye, inward so be sure to grab the correct segment. 

Step 2

Remove any lingering packaging adhesive from the lash segment. You want to ensure that the lash strip is free and clear of anything that would prevent it from laying flat and straight against the underside of the lash when applied. If any remaining adhesive is on the lash once you’ve removed it from the packaging, be sure to gently pull it off with your fingertips before applying the lash segment.

Step 3

Fit the segment to your eye and trim for a more appropriate shape if needed. FlutterHabit lashes can be easily customized to your eye shape. For the most comfortable and long-lasting wear, be sure that the segments fit well, side by side, with no overlap and no hanging off the inner or outer corners of the eye. If needed, trim the edges of your segments for a more comfortable fit!

Step 4

Apply adhesive. Start by holding the lash segment in your tweezers and gently apply the adhesive to the top of the lash segment, starting from the outer corner. You want to make sure that you’ve applied enough to totally cover the base of the lash segment, but not so much that it will expand into your eye when applied. To view an example, watch this video beginning at the 50 second mark. 

Step 5

It's time to apply the lash segments! Using your non-dominant hand, gently pull/lift up the eyelid to better see the base of your eyelashes. Using your tweezers to hold the tip of the lash segment, apply the lash segment to the underside of your lashes starting from the outer corner of the eye. You want the segment to sit as close as possible to your waterline without actually touching it. Lashes touching your waterline may cause irritation and reduce the longevity of wear so be sure to have patience and position the segments correctly. 

Step 6 

Repeat this process one eye at a time, starting from the outer corner and working inward to the inner corner. 

Be sure to take your time and have patience with yourself as you learn this process. Once you’ve nailed it, the application process will be a breeze. Think of how much time you’ll save!

Congratulations! You’ve officially applied a full set of FlutterHabit lashes. Prepare to be IN LOVE. Don’t forget, subscribers are safe from out of stocks and they save money on each box. You can easily manage your subscription, change your style, cancel at any time, and even decide how frequently you’d like your subscription to run. If FlutterHabit is a regular part of your routine, make sure you subscribe, save, and enjoy FlutterHabit all month long!

For more information and resources on lash application be sure to check out our Guide To Application where you can read step-by-step instructions, watch application videos, and even schedule 1-on-1 support if needed! When you’re ready to remove your lashes, be sure to check out our Lash Removal Blog for instructions on the safest, easiest way to remove your lashes. 

Thank you for being here and thank you for being a part of the FlutterHabit Community. We look forward to continuing to share tips, tricks, and insight into the best at-home lash system ever.