Get Out of the Mirror and Into the Moment With FlutterHabit

Summer has made its way around again, and we love this season here at FlutterHabit! Whether you’re looking for adventure, keeping up with kiddos, sunny pool days, barbeques with friends, or any combination of those and more, FlutterHabit fits right in. Our lash and brow products are meant to make your routine as easy as possible so that you can focus on this beautiful life at hand. Today, we’ll share in-depth a few reasons we think FlutterHabit is the perfect warm weather must-have while sharing some ideas of what summer means to us. 

Summer is fleeting 

Just like many of the good things in life, summer doesn’t last forever. If you’re a warm weather lover who likes to soak up the sun, swim, play water sports, or be outside when nature has turned up the heat, here’s your reminder to take advantage of summer while it’s here!

Luckily, no matter what outdoor activities you choose to participate in, FlutterHabit is up to the task. Our Made for This lash adhesive is sweat and humidity proof which means you don’t have to sacrifice your beauty routine for your beach day. Our products also pack easily making traveling with FlutterHabit as convenient as possible. So get out there and soak up the sun (with SPF of course) while looking good and feeling great!

Community is important

While community isn’t exclusive to any one season, ask someone to describe summer and they'll likely depict patio dinners, barbeques with friends and family, reunions, and other memory-making gatherings. 

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, dancing the night away, or meeting your hiking group, FlutterHabit has a lash style suitable for every moment, and every facet of your personal style. Lash styles range from ultra-natural to va-va-voom glamorous. Who says you have to pick just one? Try them all!


The mirror doesn’t matter

One of our big focuses here at FlutterHabit is to remind our incredible FlutterHabit family what it means to be pretty on the inside. We strive to remain a beauty brand with purpose and one of our most important goals is to help women realize their true beauty, the one that resides inside. We know that sometimes unlocking outer confidence helps give us the courage to look at ourselves for who we truly are on the inside. Since beauty is subjective, we know that feeling beautiful is less about how you look and more about how you feel. 

This summer, and always, we aim to contribute to boosting your confidence and helping you not only see your own beauty but find the courage to show it to the world as well. All of our styles are budget-friendly and time-saving, especially our subscription offer, so you can feel confident without dipping into your summer spending or filling your days with beauty appointments!

We hope to be a part of your summer memories this season, and beyond! Think of us as your lash BFF’s. We’re always cheering you on, helping you look good, and reminding you how beautiful you truly are. Where will you take us this summer? Follow us on Instagram and let us know!