General FAQ

Our lashes are much lighter, and have a narrow, almost invisible band. They are then pre-cut into segments to make them easy to apply with our unique under-eyelash method.  

There is always a small learning curve with any false eyelash product, but learning new tricks can be fun, so we have resources available to help you get up to speed.

Below are resources to help with any issues you may have:

1. Application Video Library (pay special attention to the adhesive tips, as that is a common error)

2. Weekly Live videos on Instagram with tips & tricks and Q&A

3. FlutterHabit Family  Facebook group.  Where users come together to share tips, videos, ideas and learn from the whole community.

4. Send us a DM on Instagram and we will offer personalized support. 

Unlike extensions, having an issue with our lashes is no problem. Simply grab your tweezers & adhesive and reapply. If for some reason you need to adjust a section, the fix is only 60 seconds away. 

When applied correctly you will forget they are there (until you look in a mirror!). Some adhesives contain latex which some people have sensitivity to. If this is you please use caution or just swap it for your favorite latex-free version. 

The lashes are faux mink (Korean PBT) and cruelty-free.  Some adhesives we offer on our website contain latex, acrylpolymer & perfume, but if you have latex sensitivities you can substitute your favorite adhesive with usually very favorable results. 

All you need is just enough eyelash to adhere to the glue, but since everyone is different, those with these issues may have varying experiences. Give it a try and if our lashes don't work for you, contact us. 

Many of us wear glasses without issue. The Originals are our longest style and depending on your face & nose shape they might rub against the lenses. The other styles can help if this happens to you, and our Shorties are, well, pretty short and should work well for you if the others don't. 

Lash Care

The key to washing your face is to avoid submersing the lashes in water. We normally advise to wash the top and bottom portion of your face separately to avoid this, and carefully use makeup wipes or cotton pads to clean around the eyes. The community on our FlutterHabit Family Facebook group continues to find new tips & tricks as well. 

Yes! Get your sweat on, the lashes can take it. They can even stand up to the steam in your shower, just be careful not to rub them as the glue can soften with steam. 

Remove them by softening the adhesive enough to allow you to pull them off, gently sliding them off your natural lashes. This is easiest by pulling them off from the base. To soften the adhesive we like to use coconut oil. 

If you feel any resistance, the adhesive is not soft enough. Continue to massage and loosen it to ensure no damage to your natural lashes. 

You can choose 30, 45, or 60 day intervals, and switch back and forth as needed. 


Subscribe to a recurring plan to conveniently ship on your schedule and save money.

You can choose 30, 45, or 60 day intervals, and switch back and forth as needed. 

Yes. Cancel anytime within your account on

It is easy to login and swap to a different style for your upcoming shipment, or simply add more styles or adhesives to your next shipment. 

This is also easy within your account on You can change styles, edit shipping dates, add more products, or cancel at any time conveniently from your account.  

You may not have an account associated yet. Send an email to and we can assist. 

No. Subscriptions are for your convenience, and will never be required.  Benefits include guaranteed lashes, even as we sell out to the general public, plus discounts and some special rewards are also in the works. 

Select "Subscribe and Save" while checking out on our website.  If we are sold out, you will be able to subscribe once we have that style back in stock. 

Shipping policy

We try our best to get your order out the door within a few business days of your order. It is a challenge during this pandemic, as you can understand, but we are doing everything we can to serve you.  

North America & a few international locations. Enter your address at checkout to confirm availability and pricing if you are unsure. 

All orders may have a processing time of 5 business days before shipping, especially during the peak holiday shopping season. Upon fulfillment, a tracking number will be emailed to you. Please allow 72 hours for tracking to update.

We get complaints about this more than we like, but the good news is most of the time the package is found and delivered by your post office within a day or two.  

It can be incredibly frustrating and trust us, we've been there too, but the best solution is to first call your post office and provide them your tracking number, and then double check with your neighbors in case it was delivered to them.  After waiting a few days if it hasn't shown up, send us an email and we can assist.  

We always do our best to reserve enough lashes for our subscribers so that when your lash day arrives, we have them for you, even if the website indicates that we are sold out.

Sometimes an event (like a global pandemic) occurs that puts us a little behind on one style or another, and we will let you know and do everything we can to get them to you as soon as we get them into our warehouse, or give you the option to try another style, whichever you prefer.

Returns and exchanges

Unused boxes of lashes in their original condition can be returned. Send us an email at to discuss. 

The first time can be hard for some. After all, this is a new technique.  But we are here to help with some resources for you: 

1. Application Video Library

2. Weekly Live videos on Instagram with tips & tricks and Q&A

3. FlutterHabit Family  Facebook group.  Where users come together to share tips, videos, ideas and learn from the whole community.

4. Send us a DM on Instagram and we will offer personalized support. 

Unused boxes in their original condition can be returned. Any return shipping fees will be deducted from your refund. Send us an email at to discuss and receive your return label.