How are these different than strip lashes? 

Our lashes are as light as a feather and designed in small sections to allow you to apply them underneath your natural top lashes. Everyone can apply them with their favorite tweezers and a mirror - saving hundreds of dollars per month vs buying eyelash extensions from a studio. Throw out your mascara and sleep in, because now you can wake up fabulous! 

Are they difficult to apply?

There is always a small learning curve with any false eyelash product. This trusted industry technique allows you to apply the lashes to the underside of your natural eyelashes, which may take some time to get perfect. But we have designed these lashes with you in mind and fixed all the common problems that the industry pro's had to overcome. We include plenty of lashes with each order to allow backups for any oops moments for even the most inexperienced lashers. Plus we have weekly Live videos on Instagram and Facebook where you can ask questions from experts and learn from the FH team and the user community. 

How long do they really last?

These lashes are designed to last up to 5 days, but it all depends on how well the lash adheres to your eyelashes. Follow along with the video tutorials to get the best adhesion to your eyelash for day-after-day longevity. And if you ever have trouble, you know who to call! Reach out to us via email or social media and an application expert will troubleshoot with you. 

What if a part of the lash falls off?

Unlike extensions, having an issue with our lashes is no problem. Simply grab your tweezers & adhesive and reapply. If for some reason you need to adjust a section, the fix is only 60 seconds away. 

Will these hurt my eyes?

When applied correctly you will forget they are there (until you look in a mirror!). The adhesive contains latex which some people have sensitivity to. If this is you please use caution or just swap it for your favorite drug store latex-free version. 

What are they made out of?

The lashes are faux mink (Korean PBT) and cruelty-free.  The adhesive contains latex, acrylpolymer & perfume and is vegan

What if I have short eyelashes?

All you need is just enough eyelash to adhere to the glue, but since everyone is different, those with these issues may have varying experiences. Give it a try and if our lashes don't work for you, send them back for a refund. 

Will these work if I wear glasses?

Many of our users wear glasses. The Original are our longest style and depending on your face & nose shape they might rub against the lenses. The shorties can help if you fall into this category. 

Can I wear them to workout or in the shower?

Yes! Get your sweat on, the lashes can take it. They can even stand up to the steam in your shower, just be careful not to rub them as the glue can soften with steam. 

I want to try a different style. Can I switch my subscription?

Yes. You can easily pause, switch styles, or add adhesive from your account. See the guide here for details. 

How do I remove them?

Remove them by softening the adhesive enough to allow you to pull them off, gently sliding them off your natural lashes. This is easiest by pulling them off from the base. To soften the adhesive we like to use coconut oil. 

If you feel any resistance, the adhesive is not soft enough. Continue to massage and loosen it to ensure no damage to your natural lashes.  

How do I wash my face? 

The key to washing your face is to avoid submersing the lashes in water. We normally advise to wash the top and bottom portion of your face separately to avoid this, and carefully use makeup wipes or cotton pads to clean around the eyes.