Your Easiest Lash Application

When it comes to easy to apply DIY lashes, FlutterHabit has you covered. There’s many reasons we’ve got hundreds of thousands of happy customers all over the world and today, we’ll talk about four in particular. These reasons have to do with our easy, hassle free application process. We believe in saving you time on your lashes so you can spend on what matters. Let’s get into it!

No Lash Mapping

No need to try and create the perfect shape or pick the right length for your lashes. Each set of lashes comes pre-placed in trays for easy application, no mapping or planning needed! While you’re more than welcome to experiment and customize our lashes, that is completely optional and not needed to get a gorgeous fit and wear out of our lash styles.

No Adhesive Peeling

Recently, we stopped securing our lashes in trays with adhesive. Now, all lashes are held in place for travel and storage with gentle, easy to remove tray tape for an even faster and more convenient application. Our final styles with old packaging are almost sold through so if you haven’t seen this update yet, you will soon!

No Fusing

Meet your fluffiest DIY lash extensions yet! The beauty of our DIY underlash extensions is in the ease of our process. All you have to do is apply and you’ll be on your way. Our Made For This Adhesive is designed so that no fusing, prepping, or extra steps are necessary for a hold that lasts. The result? Fluffy lashes that are never squished or clumpy. Simple is gorgeous in the case of FlutterHabit’s lashes. 

No Fuss

When our Founder created FlutterHabit, her goal was to make looking and feeling beautiful as easy as possible on the budget and your schedule. This means our priority will always be to keep lash application as simple and convenient as possible with reliable, beautiful results every single time. 

Ready to give us a try? Shop now and experience life in the FlutterHabit family!