You Asked, We Heard You: Packaging Updates

Your favorite DIY lashes have gotten a little makeover! That is, their packaging has. We know that part of an incredible user experience is ensuring that all the small details, like packaging, “just make sense.” 

At FlutterHabit, we love how engaged our FlutterHabit Family has always been. Your comments, stories, requests, and more are valuable because they help us with important decisions like new products, packaging changes, and improvements on existing offers.

We’re so excited that we get to improve on a customer experience that we’re already very proud of. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some new updates to our lash packaging! 

New Lash Trays

Although we love transparency, when it comes to lash trays, less is better. Our new lash tray inserts are now an opaque white for a better, more accurate view. Removing the clear background makes it easier to see all the details you love about your favorite lash styles like length, curl, shape, and cluster type. Plus, there’s nothing like that pretty, new box feel and our new trays make the lighting in the box even better than before. Win!

New Tray Tape

Ready to make your fastest application even faster? Lashes are now held in place for shipping and storing with tape, eliminating the need to peel sticky adhesive from the lash band before applying. When we say we’re committed to saving you time, we mean it. Now, your lash prep before applying will be easier than ever giving you more time for what matters. 

Thanks for being here. We appreciate your feedback and we can’t wait for you to get this new and improved packaging in your hands (if you haven’t already!)

Ready to give it a try? Order now and don’t forget to tag us in your lash looks @flutterhabit