When Women Thrive, Everyone Thrives

This International Women’s Day, and every day honestly, we are thrilled to take a moment to highlight the strength, tenacity, and power of women around the world. This day is not only a celebration of women, but it should serve also as a reminder to the world of how much women give on a daily basis. Women are leaders, caregivers, strategists, creatives, educators, matriarchs, warriors, nurturers, and so much more in just a day’s time usually! Today at FlutterHabit, we invite women, and those who love and support women, to not only bask in their celebration but to also encourage them to celebrate themselves through rest, joy, and self-care. Why? First, women deserve it. Second, the world needs thriving women. Let’s talk about the ways we’re proud to positively impact women in ways far beyond just lashes and brows. 

Employing Women

FlutterHabit is proud to employ a staff of 27 women. We are committed to doing our part to create a flexible, balanced work environment. We also provide generous parental leave and competitive healthcare. Our healthcare benefits include access to free therapy services because we understand the importance of mental healthcare and believe it should be available for everyone. 

Supporting Women in Business

Since the launch of our Love Back Grant, FlutterHabit has gifted $15k in grant money to US-based, women-owned businesses across the country. In addition to financial support, these businesses have also received 1:1 mentorship and exposure via FlutterHabit’s thriving social media communities. 

Woman Founded & Owned

Owner and Founder, Kasey Jackson, developed FlutterHabit as a result of her unsatisfying experiences with false lashes and lash extensions. From the extensive time commitment to the inaccessible price point of a lash service, she set out to create a salon-quality lash experience that she could do herself, at home, for a fraction of the time and cost. As a woman in business, Kasey believes it’s imperative to support, amplify, and uplift other women through not only products that make them feel amazing, but the initiatives that we hold dear at FlutterHabit. 

In short, FlutterHabit set out to create a solution that allowed more people to access the beauty practices they desired without spending as much time or money. Since launching, we’ve developed many DIY lash products designed to give women salon-quality results from the comfort of their homes at a fraction of the cost. Our hope is that our products and mission will ignite women to take action in prioritizing all aspects of their self-care. 

It is an undeniable fact that when women are at their best, they bring out the best in everyone and everything around them. That, friend, is our ultimate goal at FlutterHabit. The time you save can be spent on sleep, movement, rest, time spent in community with others, or any of the other things that fill your cup and bring you joy. 

Ready to give us a try? Start here! We can’t wait to see how much you love your new lashes and brows!