Wedding Must-Haves feat. FlutterHabit

Whether you’re getting married, in a bridal party, or attending a wedding, the logistics of “the look” are always a part of the conversation. What will you wear? What will the makeup look like? What appointments need to be booked? At FlutterHabit, we’ve had those conversations ourselves and we’re dedicated to taking at least some of the worry off of your plate. Today we’ll discuss a few reasons that FlutterHabit should absolutely be a part of your (or their) big day (and the days surrounding) to make wedding prep easy and worry-free. 

No appointment needed 

When it comes to wedding prep, time is of the essence. There are vendors to check in with, supplies to pick up, and appointments to make and attend, wouldn’t it be nice to take at least one thing off of the list? FlutterHabit lashes can be applied by yourself, at home, at your hotel, wherever you have time and good lighting! We offer lots of DIY lash education to make applying your lashes simple. We even offer 1:1 consultations to new customers that need help with first-time applications so that they’re ready and confident when it’s time to apply. 

10-day wear

Although every wedding is different, many frequently span over the course of several days. Between bachelorette trips, rehearsal dinners, wedding day, and honeymoon, there are many times you’ll want to be photo ready and feeling your best. FlutterHabit DIY lashes come in a box of 6 pairs that wear for up to 10 days each. This means we’ve got you covered for any and all wedding-related events. Simply pop on a pair, and jet set to your bachelorette weekend in the sun without a second thought about a lash appointment or maintenance. Wedding week? No problem! Put a pair on before rehearsal dinner and don’t think about them again until the wedding week is over. Our goal is to make your special moments as easy as possible while making you feel as beautiful as you are!

Packs light

Our lashes are a no-brainer for honeymooning or destination weddings. Our products pack light and a box of lashes and adhesive slips perfectly into any carry-on. The simple application process makes it easy to achieve perfect placement and hold, even away from your at-home environment. Already have your lashes on? Great! Pack a replacement pair to bring along if your trip is longer than 10 days, or just to have for backup. Nothing is better than a fresh set of lashes to give you a “get up and go” confidence when you’re celebrating something as special as your honeymoon.   

Made to last 

Our Made For This Adhesive is unmatched when it comes to traditional lash glues in holding up to happy wedding tears! It holds up to showers, swimming, humidity, sweat, and yes, even Grandma’s tears during the nuptials. Another secret use for our adhesive during any special occasion: Place a drop of Clear Made For This at the back of the neck and wait for it to get a bit tacky. Press the clasp of any necklace into the glue and let it dry for a discreet way to keep your necklace in place while you dance the night away! Finally, if anyone in the bridal party opted to go for *GASP* strip lashes that keep lifting,  a drop of Made For This will stop lifting and keep them in place for the whole day. Just be sure to make sure you share our removal tips with them to be safe. 

A style for everyone

The beauty of FlutterHabit is our commitment to creating styles for everyone! FlutterHabit lashes are a great bridal solution, yes. However, they also make excellent bridesmaid gifts. With a variety of lengths, curl types, and shapes, you’re sure to find a style to complement every beauty in your squad. Mothers of the bride and groom love FlutterHabit lashes too! We even offer a quiz to help everyone find their own perfect lash style. When everyone saves time and money on pricey lash appointments, there’s more fun to be had during your special wedding moments!

Ready to add FlutterHabit to your wedding day? Shop the whole collection here and be sure to tag us in photos of you and your squad on your special day. Congratulations!

Love, FH