This Season’s Looks (and their best lashes)

The best look is always the look that makes you feel your best. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t sometimes fun to switch it up and try something new! Trends influence the things we try, but they never make us who we are. Often, trendsetters are those who boldly put their own twist on what everyone else is doing. Today, we’re going to talk about a few trending, but customizable, looks that are perfect matches for FlutterHabit lashes this fall and winter, or anytime you want to try something new!

Lashes for Days

If you’re someone who loves lashes on lashes on lashes, you’re ahead of the curve on this one! This winter, the longer and fluffier the better. Styles like our Weightless No. 4, 5, or 6 are perfect for an ultra-long lash look that is comfortable, beautiful, and perfectly on-trend. 

If major lashes aren’t your thing and you tend to stick to styles like The Baby Lash or The Sweetheart, consider giving styles like The Original or The Happy (Medium) a try for a little more length that doesn’t catapult you out of your comfort zone. You know your personal style and the needs of your eye shape and size best, but it’s always fun to explore!

Vamped-Up Lips

That blood-red lip is good for more than just Halloween this year. Grunge is getting another moment in the spotlight this season and dark red lips are the leading lady. Try lining your lips a shade or two even darker than your lip color and blend well to create more dimension in your lip color for a dual-toned finish. This trend works for both matte and glossy lip colors, leaving the result totally up to your personal interpretation. 

For a look like this, we recommend a cat-eyed lash like The Wink or Weightless No. 4 to really enhance the overall “vamp” feel. If you prefer a doll-eyed shape, our suggestion is Weightless No. 2.

Barely There Beauty

Last but not least, is the simple but beautiful, barely there makeup look. Not to be confused with a no-makeup look, minimal beauty is about gently enhancing your favorite features while making sure YOU remain the star of the show. Think very gentle bronzer or blush for just a bit of structure to the face, light coverage foundation, lots of glow, and soft lip color! 

To light up your eyes without overpowering them, try a curly, fun lash like The Sweetheart or The Flirt!

At the end of the day, every look is up to your own interpretation but we hope you can draw some inspiration from these season's fun trends to change things up or try something new. We’d love it if you’d tag us on social in whatever look you try!