Trending Beauty Tips & How to Make Them Your Own

When it comes to beauty trends one thing is for certain, they will always change. However, when it comes to lashes, although styles and preferences may shift, beautiful lashes will always be trending. Today, we’ll talk about trending beauty tips that can be worked into any beauty routine that makes you feel like your best self. Let’s dive right in!

Healthy Skin is Always In

No matter what is trending, healthy skin will never go out of style. Whether you’re in a warm climate all year round or basking in the warmth of summer, make sure to show your skin the love it deserves by protecting it with plenty of SPF and focusing on hydration inside and out. 

Less Is More

Two trending skin finishes right now are ultra dewy, or a soft matte finish known as “cloud skin.” This trend features a “lit from within” radiance without the shine of super dewy skin. Both of these finishes pair well with the minimal makeup looks that gained traction in 2020 and have continued to increase in popularity over the last several seasons. 

Underpainting is another currently popular technique that puts the highlight and contour underneath the foundation for a softer sculpt and more natural look. Adjusting the finishes of your contour, highlight, and bronzer can help you create the right base for a more dewy or more matte finish, whichever your preference is. 

At FlutterHabit, we like to say that we are a “less is more beauty brand in a more is more industry.” Our goal is for you to feel beautiful and confident with minimal effort. We hope to do this by making beautiful lashes simple, affordable, and convenient. We have plenty of soft, natural solutions for the “get up and go” girls who feel their best in fresh, clean skin and a gorgeous set of lashes. We also offer bold and glamorous options for those with more vibrant beauty routines!


Pops of color

There’s nothing like a pop of color to brighten up a look and make it your own. Those who want to stay aligned with a soft, natural look can hop on the super-flushed cheeks trend for a pop of color that adds a youthful glow and lift to the face when placed correctly. Focus your application on the high cheekbones and temples for a naturally flushed look. For a more sun-kissed look, pop a little on the bridge of your nose as well!

Want to play with even more color? Add a twist to your standard liner look by switching it out with a complementary color to your eyes or even your outfit! If you’re not ready to replace the whole line, add a little to the outer corner of the eye or the top of your winged liner. The options for customization are endless. 

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with fluffy lashes and bold lip color! This look can be polished, fun, and most importantly, simple! 

The best part about beauty trends is that they are customizable for each and every individual style. The final look is totally up to you. More importantly, confidence never stops trending! As long as you feel your best, none of the rest matters. Our lash products simply enhance what it means to look and feel as beautiful as you are!