Subscriber vs. Referrer: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve hung out with us on social media or looked around our website, hopefully, you’ve come across our subscriber and referral programs. Both of these programs are designed with different benefits to help lovers of FlutterHabit get the most out of their experience with us and our products. Today, we’ll dive into the specifics of each of them and how they each uniquely benefit you!

Subscriber Program

Our subscriber program was created with your convenience in mind. Since we are most known for our affordable, DIY lash extensions, it only made sense to create a program that brings your lashes right to your door on the regular. Think of it this way, we bring your lash appointment to you! 

Is your favorite style one of our bestsellers? With subscriptions, you never have to worry about your style being out of stock. We always hold back enough inventory to fulfill subscription orders. Subscribers save over 15% per order, receive free lash adhesive for life, and can customize their order and delivery cadence at any time, right from their mobile phones or by logging into their account online. Deliveries can be scheduled for every 30, 45, or 60 days. 

Referral Program

FlutterHabit’s referral program is just one of our ways of saying, “thank you.” When FlutterHabit lovers spread the word, it helps our business grow. It’s really that simple. Referral rewards are the way we recognize and show our appreciation that you’ve shared FlutterHabit with your loved ones and community. There are three tiers to our referral program: Family, VIP, and Insider. All three of these tiers allow you to earn points for referrals and turn earned points into discounts on product. 

When designing our rewards program, we wanted it to be simple, accessible, and valuable. You earn points just for joining! You can also earn additional points by doing easy tasks like following us on Instagram, writing a review, or joining our FlutterHabit Facebook Family. To reach Insider, our top referral tier, you just need to refer 5 new customers to FlutterHabit. Once you’ve done so, tons of insider perks are released to you! You begin to receive double points for every new referral, gain early access to new launches, and earn a $50 coupon code upon entry among other rewards. 

Which is right for me?

When asked which program is right for someone, our short answer is, “both!” The subscriber program makes it simpler and more affordable than ever to have your favorite lashes delivered to your doorstep at our perfect schedule, without the hassle of checking out-of-stock items or remembering to replenish your favorite styles. It makes your favorite lash habit convenient and stress-free. Who wouldn’t want that?

The referral program is an additional perk that rewards you for doing what you’ll already be doing naturally, (especially if you’re a subscriber) telling all your friends about your favorite lashes! Better to be rewarded for it right? We thought so too. 

Ultimately, these programs work hand in hand so that you have access to the lashes you love, and the chance to save $ and earn free product while wearing and sharing. We appreciate your support so much, and this is just one of the ways we are able to show our appreciation. 

Now that we’ve broken this down, we just have one question. Which style are you adding to your subscription first? Browse our bestselling lashes and start with your favorite! Remember, you can change your style next month if you’d like!