Spring Looks and Lash Styles You Won’t Want to Miss

The clocks might not have turned back just yet but Spring is certainly on the horizon and the season’s looks are already coming in hot! At FlutterHabit, our main goal is to help you feel confident in your skin no matter what your style is, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun with the trends too. Today we’ll cover a few of Spring’s highly forecasted looks, adding insight on which FlutterHabit lash pairs perfectly with each one. Let’s jump right in! 


While this isn’t a “makeup look” per se, we couldn’t leave it out because we’ve been helping our FlutterHabit Fam do this since the very beginning. This trending term simply means that folks are starting to lean out their skin and beauty routines while opting for more multi-use products, or products that simplify their regimen. It’s almost like we were “Made For This” trend. (See what we did there?) Our DIY lashes apply easily and stay for up to 5 days. What’s simpler than that? In addition, we help you streamline your calendar and spending by eliminating the need for frequent, pricy lash appointments. If you’re into making things easier on yourself without sacrificing the results, look no further than FlutterHabit, bestie! Shop any style to nail this trend. 


One of just many “core” style looks dominating TikTok right now, Balletcore leans into ballet pinks and creams for inspiration. This style can range from a soft glamour look to a barely there glow. Soft, creamy blushes will be a staple of this look as well as gentle shimmers and wispy, natural lashes. Our favorite pick for this look? The Bestie! Order in Brunette for an even softer look. The Sweetheart and The Shorties are perfect choices as well.  

Back to the 90’s  

The best looks always make their way back and the 90’s continue to come back in a big way! This season your look is easier than ever with a playful lash and a bold lip. Don’t be afraid to play with color here. The bolder and darker the lip, the better. A minimal lash like The Baby Lash is perfect if you want the lip to be the total star of the show. For a little more fun, we recommend The Wink or The Happy (Medium) with soft, clean skin! 

Although trends can be fun, the most important part of wearing a look, and a lash, that you love is the confidence that it gives you to be yourself. Whether you decide to hop on a trend occasionally or not, FlutterHabit is here to help you look and feel your best with less time and energy so that you have more time for Spring adventures and beyond!