New Year, New Habits

Is anything more guaranteed than the inevitable “New Year” conversation? We’re taking bets because we know we aren’t wrong. While many people are inspired by the promise of a new year, it’s also true that sometimes all the talk of new things to come can feel quite overwhelming. Today, we’re here with a little advice that we hope will help you as you navigate any changes that you’d like to implement. This advice will be especially helpful in regard to feeling your best. 

Get Into a Routine

Instead of beating yourself up trying to kick old habits, sometimes it’s easier to crowd them out with good ones! For example, if you want to kick the habit of hitting snooze and rushing out the door feeling less than great, starting a weekly routine with FlutterHabit lashes is a great way to get a bit of extra sleep without sacrificing the way you want to look and feel during the day. Who knows, the better you feel, the easier you might find it to jump out of bed as well!

Automate Your Routine

If you’re like most people, automating your routine makes it much easier to stick to it. In the case of FlutterHabit, it makes it even more affordable too. FlutterHabit subscribers save an additional 15% on all orders and can customize the frequency of their delivery to fit their own needs and budget. Mail day is the best day when your FlutterHabit order is on its way! Having your favorite lashes arrive right to your doorstep is the easiest way to make sure you keep your routine a priority and always feel your best. 

Invite a Friend to Join

Accountability is key! While lashes might seem like the last thing you’d need “accountability” for, think about how easy it is to put your feel good routines on the back burner when life gets busy. Sharing your love for FlutterHabit with a friend is the perfect way to stick to a routine that makes you both feel great! Plus, new lashes are just one more reason for you and your bestie to take the time for yourselves, or give eachother a nice compliment, right? 

If you’re ready to pick up a habit that will make you feel great and start the new year with a boost of confidence, subscribe here to your new favorite beauty treat! We can’t wait to see what style you choose!