Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health is a pillar of wellness. It is also a big focus here at FlutterHabit. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re sharing some of the small ways that we manage our mental health by attending to ourselves inside and outside. Let’s get right into it. 


When You Feel Good, It Shows

You know the feeling you get when it’s just one of those “good” mornings. Maybe you got a little extra sleep, maybe you feel incredible in your outfit, maybe your coffee turned out just right or the weather is just how you like it. Whatever it is, you feel amazing and it shows. You might find yourself making more eye contact, smiling a little longer at your barista, or finding yourself less annoyed by your colleague who still hasn’t learned to knock. Whatever it is, just a tiny boost was all it took to make a tangible impact on your day, right? Imagine how much more impact could be made if you had a moment in your day for even deeper self-care.


The Real Stuff

We are a beauty brand that believes in uplifting women and helping them look and feel the way they want to. However, we understand that putting a bandaid on something that needs stitches is never the answer. Self-care starts within and extends far beyond what the beauty industry has to offer. So, let’s first chat about some tangible ways to explore self-care that may provide real-time relief and results toward improved mental health.



Sleep is essential for all humans and women are no exception. Our cognitive function, hormone health, and overall well-being rely on adequate sleep. Whether you’re caring for small humans, climbing the corporate ladder, doing both, or accomplishing any other numerous possible feats, sleep is frequently put on the back burner. We are surrounded by a “do what you have to do” mindset in our modern society and it's true, sometimes we do have to. However, when it becomes possible, prioritize your sleep. Get the kids down a little earlier, say yes one less time in your day, and revisit that project in the morning. Your body will thank you, and your never-ending list of tasks may seem even more achievable after those extra zzzz’s. 



This is one of our favorite tips because it can be done anywhere, at any time, even discreetly. As pressure and anxiety build throughout our day, our breathing can become shallow. This is a frustrating cycle because shallow breathing can then trigger more anxiety in the body. Taking a moment to breathe in deeply and exhale slowly a few times in a row can reduce stress and anxiety in the body immediately, resulting in clearer thoughts and an improved sense of calm. This is something you can even do with your little ones by holding up a few fingers and asking them to imagine they are blowing out birthday candles. 


Hydration + Movement

All of our beautiful bodies are perfectly made with unique needs and abilities. However, a few things exist that we all can benefit from at most any stage: staying hydrated, and moving around. Movement can be as simple as a 3-minute dance party to your favorite song while you get dressed, or taking the long way home when you walk the dog. The benefits of movement include reduced anxiety and depression, improved memory, and mood-boosting endorphins!

Proper hydration also supports better mood and cognitive performance as well as better sleep and overall organ function. 


The Extras

Now that we’ve covered a few of the basics, let’s discuss some of the benefits of ritual and pampering in self-care. Humans have engaged in beauty rituals as a part of self-care since the beginning of time. History has shown time and time again, that even in the most difficult of times, humans have maintained grooming and beauty practices as an essential part of feeling their best. 

At FlutterHabit, our DIY lash solutions have allowed our customers to access beauty experiences that previously might not have been available to them due to time, money, location, convenience, or a various number of other reasons. Since launching, we’ve heard countless stories about the ways that our incredible customers have used FlutterHabit across endless life experiences. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, we are beyond honored and grateful to be a part of life's defining moments when you choose us as a tool to look and feel your best. 



In service of our conviction that mental health is a priority, we are so proud to offer free therapy services to our full-time employees. We understand the tremendous impact that professional mental health support can provide and we are thrilled to extend this benefit to our staff. 

If you’re looking for ways to connect to support, it may be best to start with your primary medical provider. Additionally, Psychology Today offers a comprehensive search of healthcare providers by state. In this search, you are able to filter by location, specialty, in-person or remote sessions, and more. If you are unable to locate a particular type of provider locally, remember that you may have access to a better fit by including remote options in your search and attending virtual sessions with a provider from a different part of your state.

While we deeply hope you’re in a place where these small steps of self-care do positively impact your mental wellness, we know that sometimes more immediate and comprehensive support is required. If you are in crisis, please contact the National Mental Health Hotline at 866-903-3787.