Meet the Team: Favorite Styles Edition

You heard it here first! FlutterHabit staff does more than talk the talk. They walk the walk too, in their very own FlutterHabit lashes. We polled the team and asked what their favorite lash styles were and why, and today we’re here to reveal the results. Any guesses what the top favorites among the staff will be? Let’s get into it.


Shorties are a favorite among the FlutterHabit team and our amazing customers alike. These short, natural, doll-eyed lashes are perfect for everyday or subtle glam. They enhance without ever overpowering and offer a soft definition to the eye. 

Regan W. says, “I like the Shorties because they are really casual. I’m not a glam girl and these are perfect for casual wear.”

The Wink

The Wink is a wispy, cat-eyed lash with a flattering length increase from the inner corner to the outermost corner of the lash. They offer length that doesn’t overpower and a flattering silhouette for many eye shapes.

Kendra D. says, “I love The Winks because they are wispy with a subtle hint of drama that allows me to throw a pop of color on my lip and feel classy and put together.” 

The Sweetheart

The Sweetheart is a universally flattering, curly lash with mid-length fibers. A perfect everyday lash and a huge fan favorite among customers, it’s no surprise that this style is well-loved among our team as well. This doll-eyed lash easily transitions from day to night and casual to glam. 

Morgan C. says, “I love the way the fibers cross over each other. The movement really gives these more boldness at the base, while still keeping them fluffy at the ends.”

The Happy (Medium)

The Happy (Medium) is a doll-eyed lash that was literally created as a happy medium between our Original and Shorties styles. This lash is also a doll-eyed lash that works well for looks of all types. If you’re a get-up-and-go person who loves to accentuate your eyes or someone who appreciates light glam on an everyday basis, these are a great style for you!

Taylor V. says, “I like The Happy (Medium) because it's the perfect amount of drama. Great for everyday wear and still able to make me feel glamorous.” 

The Original

The Original is exactly what comes to most people's mind when imagining a classic, volume lash extension. These lashes bring length, drama, and the perfect doll-eyed flair to every look. They are show-stopping without being distracting and will elicit compliment after compliment, guaranteed. 

Chelsi J. says, “The Original has always been a favorite of mine. Dramatic and long without feeling like they’re over the top. In my opinion, the perfect balance.”

The Flirt

The Flirt gives “bold” a good name because bold it is indeed! This lash is curly, dramatic, and perfect for lash lovers looking for lots of volume and a statement lash. This style is sexy, glamorous, and flattering for anyone who wants to have a little fun with their lashes. 

Kayla L. says, “The Flirts are very voluminous and make my eyes seem bigger and more sultry so I feel like they go with any eye shape.”

Weightless No. 3

Finally, Weightless No. 3 is a continued favorite from our unbeatable Weightless Collection. The Weightless Collection lashes are made with a hollow core fiber which means each style is ultra lightweight and comfortable to wear on even the most sensitive eyes. Weightless No. 3 has a beautiful combination of length and curl alongside a sultry, cat-eye shape that will add a perfect touch of glam to any look. 

Rachel S. says, “I love the cat-eye shape and, mixed with the perfect amount of drama, these have become my everyday, go-to lash. 

Which of our staff picks will you try? Don’t forget to grab adhesive when you shop these styles to find your new favorite!