Halloween With FlutterHabit

Happy Halloween Season from all of us here at FlutterHabit! I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this is a very popular time of year around here since we love any reason to get creative with lashes. Although you may stick to your tried and true lash styles for day-to-day wear, today we’re here to remind you that we’ve got what you need for the fun and creative moments in life as well! Let’s dive into a few creative and fun Halloween looks that are made even better with the finishing touches of a FlutterHabit Lash!

Flirty Feline

This look is easy and versatile as you can quickly become any type of feline from a black cat, a panther, a cheetah, a tiger, or a jaguar with just a few tweaks to the look. Feline looks pair perfectly with lashes like The Flirt or any of our other cat-eyed lashes!

Doe Eyed Deer

Bambi, is that you? Another simple, but adorable Halloween look is a deer. This look is especially easy to do last minute with the makeup that you already own. Finish it off with a doe-eyed lash, like The Original, and you’ll be set with a look that will steal the show.

Fabulous Fox

Feeling sassy? Embrace the fun of this “foxy” look by adding our Weightless No. 3 lash. It’s a subtle cat eye that feels light as a feather and will perfectly complement your look at every Halloween event you go to. 

Why Our Lashes?

FlutterHabit offers versatile and customizable DIY lashes that wear for up to 10 days and add a bit of fun to any look for every occasion. When it comes to Halloween looks, our lashes apply with ease and wear comfortably, even in costume. If you’ve got multiple parties to attend, your lashes will be perfect for all of them with just one application needed! Although you can wear each application for up to 10 days thanks to our specially designed Made For This adhesive, you can also remove them after the party is over if you wish. Removal is quick and easy on your natural lashes thanks to our Lash Removal Balm. The segments slide right off and the adhesive sticks to itself to remove all at once with no residue left behind. Perfect for switching out of your Halloween lash and back into your favorite everyday style. 

Ready to pick your party lash? Order here and be sure to tag us on social @flutterhabit so that we can see (and share) your creativity!