FlutterHabit: The Perfect Gift for Every Lash Lover

You might have made your list, but there’s no need to check it twice because FlutterHabit can help you make a clean sweep in the gifting department this season. No matter who you’re shopping for, we’ve got your back with lashes, tools, and merch that everyone will love. Let’s jump right in because you’ve got things to do and places to be seen (in your FlutterHabit lashes, of course) this season!

Your Niece (who’s in a sorority)

For your niece, we recommend The Sweetheart! It’s sassy, curly, versatile, and well-suited for anyone with a youthful, soft-glam vibe. This style is perfect for glam, no makeup, and everything in between! From pledging to initiation, lashes are one thing she won’t have to stress about thanks to you. 

Your Mom (who hates putting on mascara every day)

Give your Mom her mornings back with a gorgeous lash that lets her get up and go! We recommend The Baby Lash for moms who want something as close as possible to a mascara look and feel without the hassle of daily application. However, for moms who like to take it up just a notch, The Happy (Medium) adds a little extra length to make her feel as fabulous as she’ll look. 

Your Glamorous Bestie (always with the makeup trends)

Never sure what to get the beauty queen who seems like she already has it all? Look no further than our Weightless No. 3. All of our Weightless Collection styles are fluffy, fierce, and fit for a beauty queen. Need something even longer? Check out Weightless No. 4, 5, or 6 for our longest available style. These lashes truly check every box. Perfect for your boldest bestie!

Your Kid’s Teacher (she needs the extra time in her morning, trust us!)

Give your teacher the gift of time, and a great pair of lashes! Waking up with great lashes takes the stress out of school mornings so she’ll have time to stop and spend all the coffee gift cards the other kids are giving her. IYKYK. The Wink is a fun, flirty style that says “School is serious but it doesn’t have to be boring.” 

Tools for Everyone (+ more ways to wear FlutterHabit)

Don’t forget to pick up a few luxury tools and adhesives to make your gorgeous gift complete. Build your own bundle, or pick from one of our handpicked collections! These make perfect stocking stuffers as well. Last but not least, FlutterHabit merch is always a fun gift for anyone who loves their FlutterHabit lashes. We can’t wait to see what you pick for your loved ones!