Fall in Love With a New Favorite Lash This Valentine’s Day

You don’t need a significant other to be head over heels in love this Valentine’s Day. FlutterHabit has everything you need for a love affair to remember with your favorite lash styles to create looks that you’ll love forever. 

Whether you’re planning a sultry date, a Galentine's bash, or just a day of self-love and care for yourself, we’ve got a few style suggestions that might help you switch things up and fall in love with a new and unexpected style! Let’s dive right in. 

The Sweetheart -> The Bestie

If you’re normally a lover of The Sweetheart we’ve found you a new bestie. No really, it’s called The Bestie! The fibers of The Bestie are wispy and soft, giving you a romantic look that frames the eyes beautifully. Similar in length to The Sweetheart, The Bestie has a slightly softer curl making the transition from day to night even easier! Perfect for a romantic getaway or girl’s trip. 

The Baby Lash -> Shorties

Although The Baby Lash is the absolute perfect everyday lash, we believe there’s room for a little more fun and the tiniest bit of drama from time to time. Our Shorties are the perfect lash for the job! We like to say The Baby Lash is like having a great lash lift and tint without the need for an appointment while Shorties are like the best mascara you’ve ever worn without the need for application, removal, or worry about smudging. Both of these styles are best for those who love an understated enhancement that wows without stealing the show! If you love one, you’ll love the other.

The Original -> Weightless No. 5 

Lovers of The Original, we see you and adore you because you’ve either been around from the very beginning of our journey, or you appreciate the classics. Both are fantastic with us! Although you might be the epitome of “stick to what you like” we must admit, it’s fun to try something new every once in a while. As such, we’ve picked Weightless No. 5 for you. This style is made from our hollow-core fiber which means they’re a bit lighter and fluffier than The Original but there’s no sacrifice at all on length and volume. Give them a try this Valentine’s Day and falling in love will be a guarantee (even if it’s just with your new lashes.)

The Wink -> Weightless No. 3

Finally, if your go-to is The Wink, we have a gorgeous Weightless lash for you to fall in love with. Weightless No. 3 is a step up from The Wink in length and fullness, making Valentine’s Day no better of a time to give them a try! Wear these to a fancy solo dinner, or a romantic night out and experience the difference of our hollow-core weightless fibers. We see a new favorite lash in your future!


No matter what style you love the most, we are so grateful you’re a part of our FlutterHabit family! Don’t forget to stock up on Made For This lash adhesive and accessories to make trying and applying your new styles as easy and seamless as possible.