Everything you need to know about FlutterHabit adhesive

If you’re looking for false eyelash glue and adhesive - you’ve come to the right place. Here at FlutterHabit, we’ve gained a reputation for producing the very best strip eyelash glue available online.

That’s because our adhesives are designed specifically for under-lash application - something that just didn’t exist until now. 

The FlutterHabit lash adhesives are as safe as it gets. Using only USA-based medical-grade ingredients, we’ve stripped away everything that doesn’t NEED to be there, including latex ingredients, fillers and fragrances. Users boast everyday that Made For This adhesive is the most sensitive lash adhesive they have ever tried. If you have had an allergic reaction to other adhesives, we’ve built this with you in mind! 

Simply put - nobody does it better. From our anti-irritation strip lash glue to our premium, faux mink lashes - you’ll find the best at-home lash products right here!

Is False Eyelash Glue Safe?

The biggest question you need to ask yourself before purchasing any false eyelash glue is whether it's safe or not.

While we can’t speak for other brands, we know for a fact that ours is safe! That’s because we designed it to be gentle with even the most sensitive eyes. 

It doesn’t feature any fragrances that can irritate (or worse, contain carcinogens) so you will hardly notice it on there - until you look in the mirror a week after applying your lashes to see they’re still going strong!

Historically, false eyelash adhesive has been regarded as one of the most toxic beauty products on the market - and when applied incorrectly, this only exacerbates the danger it can present.

That will never be the case when you shop at FlutterHabit - so let us take care of your eyes and lashes and keep you irritation free day and night. 

The Problems With Most Strip Lash Adhesive Glues Currently On The Market

While you may be under the impression that all strip eyelash adhesives are created equal - that's simply not the case. But, it's not just the safety of your glue you have to be worried about.

On top of that, most of us have struggled to find a strip lash adhesive that actually works well. When we talk about the quality of strip lash glue, we’re talking about how easy it is to use, how quickly it dries, and how well it holds your lashes to your natural lash.

To date, many of the products available for at-home use fall short in one or all of these aspects - they’ve been largely disappointing, which you’re likely all too aware of if you’ve shopped around yourself!

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way - there is finally a false lash adhesive that delivers upon everything it promises!

What Makes FlutterHabit’s Strip Eyelash Glue Better Than The Rest?

Aside from safety, there are still other reasons so many at-home beauty queens prefer our strip eyelash glue to the competition - even after trying many other options.

This comes down to how easy our strip lash glue is to use, how quickly it dries, and how long & strong it holds.


One of the most frustrating parts about most strip eyelash adhesives is how hard it is to work with. 

We believe this is due to the changes in lash extensions over recent years - while these fake lashes have changed a great deal, the adhesive has more or less stayed the same.

When actually applying your false lash extensions, you need glue that allows for surgical application - and that’s what ours offers.

It's extra viscous, so you can work with it really easily - a tiny amount goes a really long way! Now, you can get your lashes applied effortlessly and effectively - so they last as long as they’re supposed to.


Not only is our false eyelash adhesive easy to work with - it dries almost instantaneously and creates a strong, long-lasting bond.

You can expect more than five days of use out of the glue before it starts to lose its strength, which far outperforms what you can expect from the competition.


You need a strip eyelash adhesive that matches your natural lashes, along with the extensions you’re planning on using.

That’s why our glue comes in two options - black and clear. You don’t have to compromise - grab whichever best suits you, or grab both and find out first hand!


We already touched on just how safe our strip lash adhesive is - and it comes down to the premium, safe ingredients we use.

Here is a full list so you can see for yourself that we only use the best, and omit any harmful toxins that have no business near your eyes or on your skin:

  • Styrene/Acrylates/Ammonium 
  • Methacrylate Copolymer
  • Water
  • Adhesion Promoter
  • Acrylate Copolymer

Simply put, nobody makes it easier and safer to get your lash extensions applied than we do with our products here at FlutterHabit. See the difference for yourself today - you’ll be glad you did!