“Made For This” Was Made For You

Did you know that FlutterHabit’s Made For This lash adhesive was specifically created by FlutterHabit for use with FlutterHabit lashes? After meticulous research, development, and testing, we introduced our one-of-a-kind lash adhesive specifically designed to work exclusively for our “under lash” application method. It was a match made in heaven for our viral, DIY lash extensions and has created raving fans all around the world.

How does it work?

FlutterHabit’s Made For This lash adhesive is tested and proven to hold up to 5 days. It is sweat, water, and humidity resistant. This means that with proper care your lashes will hold through your workouts, showers, and day-to-day activities but will soak off when fully immersed in a moisture/oil combination. 

Is it safe?

Your safety is our priority. One of FlutterHabit’s founding principles is lash safety and that consideration was not taken lightly when formulating this highly requested DIY lash adhesive. Made For This lash adhesive was formulated without latex, fillers, or fragrance to reduce the possibility of allergies or unnecessary irritants. Our desire was to create a product that was safe for even the most sensitive eyes. The results speak for themselves, we did it!

What’s in it?

While you can find the full list of our ingredients here, what we are most proud of is that our lash glue is formulated, tested, and manufactured right here in the USA with just 5 eye-safe ingredients. The success of Made For This lash adhesive without any additives or irritants proves that it is possible to have performance without sacrificing quality.  

What is the difference?

Many lash glues come with complaints such as drying too quickly, poor hold, bad odor, or irritation to the eyes. Made For This lash adhesive has an extra viscous formula. This means it’s not overly runny. It’s easy to work with and designed for precision application, supported by the narrow application tip. A little goes a long way and the formula allows you to place glue along the lashes and then perfect the placement by moving the glue into perfect placement without worrying that it will spill off onto the lashes or be wasted. Additionally, the glue dries quickly, but not so quickly that you don’t have time to place it and apply your lashes with ease. The fragrance-free formula is a final standout feature. Made For This lash adhesive is easy to work with, non-smelly, and quick drying. What more could you want in a lash glue?

Made for you

As with all of the other products at FlutterHabit, our lash glue was designed with your customized experience in mind. That is why we created Made For This in two formulas, clear and black. Clear lash glue is a wonderful option for shorter, less full lashes or someone who prefers to wear just lashes without any other eye makeup. Black lash glue is a great option to give the effect of tight lining the upper eyelid, or for someone who likes a full glam look. Both formulas work the same, offering up to 5 day, water-resistant hold for your favorite DIY lash extensions. 

Ready to give our lashes and adhesive a try? Start here! We can’t wait to see how you style your FlutterHabit lashes and adhesive.