At FlutterHabit, we want to bring great lashes to everyone, of any ability or challenge. Because of this, we’re working to make our site accessible to everyone, whether they’re coming to the site on a standard browser, on a screen reader, navigating with a mouse, by keyboard, or switch device. We’ve fixed many of the issues we’ve found, and are working to fix others as we find them.
We have learned that our menu may not work very well for keyboard navigation and users of other assistive technologies if they navigate into it before the page has finished loading, bumping them out of the menu entirely when the page does finish loading. We apologize for the inconvenience, but to overcome this problem, visitors should either wait to navigate into the menu until the page is fully loaded. If they do get bumped out of the menu, they can navigate back into it in reverse from the page itself.
While we’re trying to make the site as accessible as we know how, we realize that there may still be circumstances in which it is impossible for you to get what you want from the site, and in these circumstances, we encourage you to email us at with "accessibility" in the subject line, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible to see how we can help.