Sunday Reset: Prep Your Beauty Routine For the Week

Ahh Sunday. Another week is upon us! Whether you love the start of a new week or find yourself with the Sunday scaries from time to time, we can all agree that heading into the week always feels a bit better when you’re prepared. Luckily, we have your beauty routine prep covered. Not only have we brought you worry-free lashes, but we’ve also got a few other tips and tricks for feeling prepped and ready to dive into the week feeling amazing!


Surprise, surprise, we’re starting with what we know best! But why wouldn’t we start with something that will make the rest of your routine easier for the whole week!? FlutterHabit lashes are designed to make your life and schedule easier by wearing beautifully for up to 10 days thanks to our Made For This lash adhesive. We have styles for every eye shape, size and personal style preference. Whether you love an everyday style that looks like your lashes or need the ultimate in length and volume, we’ve got you covered. Many of those in our FlutterHabit Family love doing their lashes Sunday night so that they wake up ready to take on the week without long mornings in the mirror. Did you know many wearers also report spending less time on makeup in general since our lashes enhance so beautifully. Whichever style you choose, we guarantee you’ll wake up feeling more confident and ready to take on the day. When you’re ready to remove your lashes at the end of the week, don’t forget to use our nourishing Lash Removal Balm. For best results, remove your lashes Saturday night and let the balm condition your lashes overnight before reapplying on Sunday. 

Hair/ Skin

What’s a better complement to perfect lashes than gorgeous hair and glowing skin? No matter what your style preferences are, planning your hair for the week can take some mental load off of your to-do list and help you plan your looks accordingly. Whether you pre-style your hair, wash and go, or take a few minutes each morning, Sundays are the perfect time to tackle lengthier maintenance like nourishing hair masks, blowouts for the week, or any other styling that will save you time during the weekdays. 

For glowing skin, we love a good exfoliation/face mask combo followed by a super hydrating moisturizer to start the week off looking and feeling radiant!


While the calendar might seem like an odd addition to a beauty routine, TRUST us, nothing comes for your good vibes and gorgeous glow faster than stress! Planning what you can in your week helps you enter the week better equipped for the things you can’t plan. Map out your work schedule, appointments, workout times, and everything else that demands your time and energy. Don’t forget to schedule in time for YOU as well. This might be a 10-minute walk around the neighborhood or 20 minutes with your favorite book. Whatever it is, it’s just as important as everything else on your list to make sure you stay refreshed and recharged. Hey, it could even be a fun little 15-minute shopping spree on the FlutterHabit website. We don’t make the rules!

While these are just a few tips and tricks, you can tweak them and apply them to your perfect Sunday Reset. Post your next Sunday Reset, tag us, and tell us what lashes you’re wearing!