FlutterHabit ft. Festival Season

Festival season is just around the corner which means the planning of festival looks is in full swing! While we can all appreciate the beauty of the perfect festival outfit, let’s not forget to pay our respects to the fuss-free makeup that holds its own throughout the beautiful chaos that is a festival weekend. The leader of the fuss-free makeup crew? FlutterHabit lashes, undoubtedly. Today, we’ll share our favorite tips and tricks for lashes you’ll love all weekend long during festivals, vacation, special events, and more! 

Fuss-free hold 

When it comes to great festival looks, the “set it and forget it” factor is a major determinant. Luckily for you, FlutterHabit’s Made For This adhesive is designed to last for up to 10 days! Plus, we just launched The Setup: a lash adhesive primer designed to work perfectly alongside our adhesive to give you precision application and extra hold. No chance your lashes are going anywhere with this duo! You can even use clear adhesive to prevent necklace twisting and hold clasps in place by applying a tiny dot on the back of your neck and pressing the clasp on top of it once the glue is a bit sticky.  

Multi-purpose tools 

If you’re new to FlutterHabit, we suggest customizing a bundle that includes our luxury tools like tweezers and scissors to make application and customization easier than ever. At festivals, however, these tiny tools pack easily and make things like applying rhinestones or trimming stray costume fringe an easy, stress-free experience. Who knew being a lash lover would make you the “prepared friend” by default?  

A look for everyone 

One of the best parts about festivals is the freedom to express yourself. At FlutterHabit we believe celebrating the best version of you is key to confidence which is why we’ve created so many styles to choose from! Whether you’re feeling like an ultimate glamour queen (hello Weightless No. 5) or just looking for something to replace the need for mascara (lookin’ at you Baby Lash) we’ve got something you, and all your festival friends will love.  

Ready to pick your party lashes? Shop here and be sure to tag us on social media in your looks!