3 Reasons to Bring FlutterHabit on Vacation

Vacation prep can usually be categorized by two types of people: organized and well-planned, or absolute chaos. Whichever one you are, there is no judgment here, only acceptance. The good news is that traveling with FlutterHabit is convenient no matter what type of vacationer you are! Today we’ll discuss three reasons you should bring FlutterHabit along on every vacation that will make your trip easier and take just a little off your plate.

Hold You Can Count On

When it comes to lashes, no one wants to worry about losing one when on a jet ski, snowboarding down a mountain, or relaxing on the lazy river. No matter what vacation activities you choose, FlutterHabit’s Made For This Adhesive is up to the task of keeping your gorgeous lashes in place while you focus on looking great and having fun. The extra viscous adhesive offers a tacky hold for fast application or a quick touch-up. 

In addition to its impressive holding power, it also fits easily into your carry-on or overnight bag for quick access if you need to apply a fresh set while you’re traveling. Clear Made For This is also helpful in a pinch for securing the clasp of your necklace to the back of your neck to keep it in place for a nice dinner or any occasion. 


Travel Light 

Packing light? No problem! All of our lashes come attached to a removable tray that is easy to cut into individual sets of lashes for easy packing. Going on an extra-long trip or bringing a few sets for your friends? Even a full box of 6 is small, compact, and will easily slide into a zipper compartment for easy packing. 

Match Energy

If you’re bringing all your shoes, go ahead and pack yourself a few styles of lashes as well because you know you’ll want options. Although FlutterHabit lashes and adhesive are designed to wear for up to 10 days, it’s okay to want to switch it up sooner. Wear one of our more natural styles for your light makeup days and use our Lash Removal Balm to take them off with ease the night before you want to switch to something a little more glam!

Whatever vibe your vacation has, FlutterHabit is easy to pack, easy to apply, and fully customizable for your perfect vacation lash experience. Ready to pick your perfect style? This quiz will help you start with a style that will suit you!