Happy/Original (3 pair)
Happy/Original (3 pair)

Happy/Original (3 pair)

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This Warehouse Sale special includes ONE small box (3 sets) of FlutterHabit lashes in a style that could not effectively be classified as “Happy Mediums” or “Originals.”

The “Happy/Originals” are boxes of lashes that are functional and usable, but—for some reason—did not pass our quality control inspection process to be classified as either one style or the other.

These reasons could include:

  • Variation (One box could include BOTH styles of lashes (Some Happy Mediums and some Originals)
  • Length, Volume, or Darkness that falls somewhere between what can officially qualify as either Happy Mediums or Originals

Because of the deeply discounted nature of the “Happy/Originals” warehouse special lashes, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on this product

Budget Friendly

Save hundreds of dollars monthly vs salon-applied extensions, with the same look. Trust us, compliments are guaranteed.

Set For The Week

Most users get at least 5 days of wear per pair. Each order includes 6 pairs, which should last about a month. 

Application Method Library
Natural by Design

Segmented into 4 lightweight pieces, FlutterHabit is designed to be worn underneath your natural lashes for an invisible, natural look.