Adhesive - Clear

Adhesive - Clear

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A transparent adhesive with enough hold to last you 5 Days, but that's still gentle on your eyes & lashes. For many users, one tube of adhesive will last between 6-12 months. 

Adhesive contains latex. If you have allergies feel free to substitute with your favorite latex-free glue.


Latex, Acrylpolymer, Perfume


Freezing will render this product unusable. If you live in an extremely cold climate please reference our shipping policy regarding the risk of freezing during delivery. 

Budget Friendly

Save hundreds of dollars monthly vs salon-applied extensions, with the same look. Trust us, compliments are guaranteed.

Set For The Week

Most users get at least 5 days of wear per pair. Each order includes 6 pairs, which should last about a month. 

Application Method Library
Natural by Design

Segmented into 4 lightweight pieces, FlutterHabit is designed to be worn underneath your natural lashes for an invisible, natural look.