Your New Favorite Simple Beauty Routine

At FlutterHabit, we are all about getting the biggest results possible as conveniently as possible. When it comes to beauty routines, we’ve literally built our business around making them easier. Our priority is bringing our FlutterHabit family products that simplify while saving time and money. Today we’ll discuss the quick, and simple beauty routine that gets us out the door in record time looking as fabulous as ever. 

Step 1: Lashes 

Lashes lead the way at FlutterHabit. Our five-day wear, DIY lashes come in a style for every vibe. They completely replace the need for salon extensions saving you both time and money. Whether you’re into natural or glam, there’s no denying that starting each day without having to worry about your lashes is a huge time saver. It makes your evening beauty routine simpler as well without the hassle of mascara removal! 

Step 2: Brows

The best pairing to beautiful lashes is a great set of brows. Brows frame your eyes and accentuate your face structure. For sculpted brows and a firm but flexible hold, we always reach for our Brow Gel +. This nourishing brow gel holds brows in your preferred style while also nourishing and protecting them. Move throughout your day with confidence knowing your brows look incredible and you don’t need to touch up. 

Step 3: Face

This final step in our easy beauty routine is totally up to you. With lashes and brows handled, you can complete your look with as many or as few additional products as you like. To keep it simple, we recommend starting with great skincare. Moisturizer and SPF are important factors in keeping your skin hydrated and protected which is key for healthy glowing skin. We love to add a little concealer, a tinted lip balm, and a glowy bronzer for minimal makeup that lets your natural beauty shine through. Want to take it up a notch? Perfect, enhance your lashes with eyeliner or pop that bronzer in the crease between your lid and brow bone for a contoured, monochromatic look. 

The beauty of personal expression is that the sky is truly the limit. You get to decide what works in your routine and what doesn’t. However, when time is low and you want to look polished without sacrificing your schedule, focusing on lashes, brows, and skin is key to a simple, quick look that goes with every occasion. Ready to explore the best we have to offer in lash and brow products? Start here!