How to Use Lift & Laminate For Your Ideal Brow Style

Over the last several decades, like so many other things, brow styles have changed dramatically. It seems like there’s always another beauty trend and brow styling is no exception. Currently, the beauty and fashion world is experiencing the resurgence of many decades of styles, and brows have undergone their own shift in popular styles yet again. 

At FlutterHabit, our mission is simple. We help our customers get the lashes and brows that they love while saving time and money. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what your best brow style is or what products you need to achieve brows that you love, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of past and current trends in brows along with tips and tricks to get YOUR perfect brow no matter what’s trending. 

Past meets Current

When looking at brow trends over the last 100 years, there seems to be a repeated pendulum swing from very thin and curated, to fluffier and bolder, and back again. While there have been some variations in between, we’ve seen this cycle repeated several times in the last several decades with fluctuations like the thin, exaggerated arch of the 70’s to the bold and beautiful Brooke Shields- esque brows of the 80’s that then gave way to thin, natural and eventually overly thinned/arched brows again through the ’90s and early 2000s. 

In today’s current brow trends, we’ve seen a similar shift in brows just since 2020. The overly done, “Instagram brow” gave way to a softer, “fluffy but still sculpted” laminated brow that focused on lifting and shaping the brow hairs and firmly holding them in place with product or a temporary perm treatment called “laminating.” This style remains extremely popular alongside other brow styles that we’ve seen re-emerging. 

Similar to the boom in athleisure during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of staying home in our natural element, beauty trends began to embrace a more natural and less curated appearance even once more normal activities resumed. With this, we saw a softer, less sculpted version of a lifted brow enter the scene and it’s still thriving. This look is slightly curated but in an effortless way. It’s like no makeup, makeup but for brow styling.

More recently, we’ve seen thinned brows getting another round in the spotlight. While most people aren’t intentionally thinning their brows (thank goodness we’ve learned that lesson) some are steering away from an overly lifted look and instead brushing their hair in the direction of the growth towards the arch and keeping the brows laid a bit flatter. 

Our Brow Solution

No matter what styles are or have trended, there have always been products and tools created to help us style our brows to the desired result. The reality is, we’re all born with different brow shapes, textures, and growth patterns. Styling tools help us to create the desired look more easily and, hopefully, with no damage to our natural brow. That’s where Lift & Laminate comes in. This multi-use brow styling gel not only helps you achieve your preferred brow look, but it holds the look all day while also nourishing and protecting your natural brows. To learn more about this incredible brow styling gel, check out our applications and uses blog here

If you like the lifted and laminated look, this product can help you achieve the perfect all-day hold with no crunch or flaking, just soft, lifted, sculpted brows without any of the harsh chemicals that come with a traditional lamination treatment. For even better “laminated” brow results, use our silicone brow trainers to help train your brows to stay fluffy and lifted all the time!

Suppose you prefer a softer, more natural look. In that case, Lift & Laminate is the easiest way to smooth stubborn brow hairs and prevent strays from sticking up in the opposite direction without looking overly attended to. 

Finally, if you’re feeling the 90’s vibes but don’t want to spend the next decade praying to regrow where you’ve over-plucked, Lift & Laminate is the best solution for sweeping those brows inward from the top and bottom of your brow, to create the illusion of a thin, sleek brow without sacrificing fullness down the road. 

Your Perfect Brows

Although “trends” will always come and go, there is nothing more important than finding what works for you personally and owning it. When you feel good about yourself, that positive energy radiates through the rest of your life and can even positively influence others around you. Brows, lashes, and all other expressions of beauty and style are an extension of you, your personality, and your creativity and we fully believe in empowering everyone to indulge in a representation of themselves that feels most authentic, regardless of the trends. Lift & Laminate is the perfect brow styling gel for gently holding whatever look you love or just a treatment to protect those beautiful brows. The options are endless, the product is clean beauty certified, and we at FlutterHabit can’t wait to see how you express your best brows!