How to Care for Faux Mink Lashes

How to Care for Faux Mink Lashes

Whether you are brand new to false eyelashes or a lash veteran, there's always more to learn about applying your lashes for maximum use. Faux mink lashes are the best out of all the false eyelashes on the market. They are cruelty-free, affordable, and of great quality!

It's the best way to get longer, fuller, and flirtier lashes in minutes. And the best part is, faux mink lashes are reusable! To keep your falsies shape and style, follow these tips to make the most of them.

How to Make Your Faux Mink Lashes Last Longer

Before you get started with anything, you should always wash your hands thoroughly. You'll be touching products that will go onto your eyelid where it's very sensitive! Clean hands, as well as clean tools (tweezers, curler, etc), will reduce the risk of bacteria and irritation when applying your lashes.

Handle them Gently

When it comes to prepping your lashes, it's super important to be gentle. You should handle them as if they are your natural eyelashes. Faux mink is durable, but to prolong the materials' beauty, a soft touch is necessary.

Avoid grabbing them by the actual lashes. Instead, grab them by the band and carefully apply glue. You may also use a clean eyelash tweezer to grab your lashes from the box. If you are using a strip lash, measure out the length of your eyelid and the lashes. Then you may trim accordingly from the outer corner of the lashes. If you are using faux mink lash clusters, you'll also want to trim from the inner segments for a doll-eyed look.

However, with faux mink clusters you can try different trimming styles depending on the look you are going for! It's all up to you and your beauty needs!

As for maintaining your lashes, don't tug or pull on your falsies to try to take them off. There is a proper way to gently remove and cleanse them without force, which will be explained later. You should also make sure to clean your lashes after each use to get rid of bacteria.

Use Quality Lash Products

Faux mink lashes should be accompanied by products of equal quality. The glue, tweezers, eyelash curler, and mascara you use with the lashes should be reliable.

If you opt for cheap lash glue, you can damage the faux mink lashes, your natural ones, and even your skin. For best results, use high-quality application tools and make sure they are clean as well.

As for mascara, we don't recommend that you use it on the lashes directly. It's best to apply mascara to your natural eyelashes, and then apply your faux mink ones. You can also curl your own lashes before applying the falsies. The faux mink lashes should already have a beautiful curl and fullness, so mascara and curling them is unnecessary.

Don't Soak your Lashes

It's really important not to intentionally or unintentionally soak your faux mink lashes. If you are washing your face, it's best to wash the top and bottom portions separately. This way you can avoid submerging your lashes in water. When it comes to cleaning around the eyes, makeup wipes or a cotton ball with a water-based cleanser are best.

While it's absolutely necessary to clean your faux mink lashes, you should avoid soaking them in a cleanser. This can damage the integrity of the lashes and ruin your future glamorous looks. Instead, you should attempt to gently remove your lashes with oil.

Remove and Clean them Properly

Since it's best to avoid soaking your lashes, how should you clean them? To cleanse them the proper way, use an oil-based cleanser or an actual oil, like coconut. You can softly rub the oil onto your lashes and gently peel them off.

After removal, you should clean the lash band with a q tip and makeup remover. Lightly wipe over the band with q tip until the glue is completely gone. If you wait to clean your lashes, it can make it a lot more difficult to remove the glue. It will harden and take a lot more time to loosen the adhesive.

Store Faux Mink Lashes in Their Container

Proper storage is key to maintain the shape of faux mink lashes. By placing your lashes in their case/box, you can keep them free from dirt, debris, and dust.

How Long Do Faux Mink Lashes Last?

The length of your faux mink lashes lifespan depends on the brand you choose. For long-lasting, high-quality, dreamy lashes you should check out FlutterHabit.

They offer a wide range of different lash styles from naturally long to wispy to glam. Each pair of faux mink lashes usually lasts for 5 days, and FlutterHabit sells all their lashes in box sets of 6. Meaning you can have a month of gorgeous salon-quality lashes without the salon prices or super long application times.