Can Faux Mink Lashes Get Wet?

Can Faux Mink Lashes Get Wet?

Faux mink lashes are known for their style, curl, and durability. They are made from PBT which is a type of plastic that is completely animal cruelty-free. Faux mink is also vegan and compared to real mink eyelash extensions, are a better choice. They have the same qualities and feel as real mink fur, without causing harm to any animals and less of a chance of aggravating allergies.

But what happens when you get your lashes wet? Do they stay durable? Keep their shape? We'll go over everything you need to know about taking care of faux mink lash extensions.

Showering with Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

Oftentimes people will say that you should wait for up to 24-48 hours before getting your faux mink eyelashes wet. This actually isn't true!

You can get your lash extensions wet but should avoid completely soaking or submerging your lashes in water. It is fine to shower or wash your face the same day you apply them! Even a hot steamy shower is okay. Just make sure that you don't rub your eyes or lashes while in the shower, and they should remain exactly as you placed them.

You should avoid letting the jet stream of water from your showerhead hit you directly in the face. The constant and strong flow of water can move around or irritate where your lashes are placed.

Once you are done showering or washing your face, you should air-dry the area around your lashes or you can pat dry gently.

Swimming with Lash Extensions

When it comes to swimming while wearing faux mink lashes, it's best to put on goggles if you plan to submerge your head into the water. If you are swimming at the beach, there is salt in the water which can get caught in your lashes and make you uncomfortable. This will make you rub your eyes which can cause you to lose some of your lashes.

Pool water contains chlorine which is a big no-no when it comes to your lash adhesive. It is extremely harsh on your skin and can affect the way your lashes look after swimming around. Just as if you were to swim in the ocean, it's best to keep a pair of goggles around just in case. These should be well-fitting so they don't squish your false eyelashes. If your goggles can't accommodate your lashes and squash them, it can mess with the shape and curl.

Faux Mink Lash Aftercare

While you can get your eyelash extensions wet, there are still steps you should follow to take proper care of them.

Remove the Glue

When it's time to take off your mink lashes, you should make sure to take off all the glue to reuse them later. You can grab the strip with your fingers and slowly try to peel and remove the glue starting at the outer corner first. You can also use tweezers to help out if needed.

It's very important not to tug or pull the actual lashes as this will mess with the curl and shape. Once all the glue is removed, you should place your lashes back in their box for safekeeping.

How to Clean your Lashes

You should brush out your lashes using a soft bristle-like a spoolie and a gentle cleanser. This will get rid of any dirt, oils, and makeup that can cause irritation if left behind. This type of buildup can also mess with the adhesive on your lashes and make the bond less effective.

Avoid Oils and Oil-Based Cleansers

If you aren't trying to remove your lashes, it's best to avoid using any oils or oil-based cleansers around your eyes. These types of products will break the bond that the adhesive has and will cause your false lashes to detach from your eye.

If you want to remove them, then you should gently wash your eye area until you feel the fake eyelashes detach from your natural lashes.

Be Cautious of Your Sleeping Position

If you decide to nap or sleep with your lash extensions on, you should be cautious of your sleeping position. It's not recommended to sleep with your face smushed into the pillow. Even if you are a side sleeper, this can push up or pull down your eyelids and mess with your lashes shape.

To keep your lashes in the same shape and position as you put them on it's recommended to sleep on your back. 

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