Are Synthetic Mink Lashes Vegan?

If you are looking for some cruelty-free substitutes to add to your routine, then synthetic mink lashes are the way to go. These lashes are vegan, versatile, and super comfortable.

Whether you are looking for volume or an everyday curl, synthetic mink lashes are perfect for every occasion.

What are Synthetic Mink Lashes Made Of?

Synthetic faux mink lashes are made from a material called PBT. This is a type of plastic, so no animals are harmed during the making of these types of lash extensions.

PBT can hold a curl very well, which is why they are used to create synthetic mink lashes. It's a softer, lightweight material that gives the lashes a more natural look.

Are Mink Lashes Actually Made from Mink?

It's important to check the product description of any lash extensions that you are considering purchasing. This will let you know if the mink lashes you are purchasing are made from real mink fur or synthetic PBT.

If a brand labels their lashes as "faux mink," then it's safe to assume that they are not made from the actual mink animal. However, some companies will label themselves a mink lash company and still be cruelty-free because they are made out of PBT. This is why it's important to research the product before purchasing.

Just because a product is labeled as mink lashes, doesn't necessarily mean that they are made from minks. However, if the product description does say that these lashes are made from real mink fur, then it's not a vegan product.

Are Minks Killed for Mink Lashes?

If a company claims to use real mink fur for their lash extensions, then they most likely use fur farms to make their product. Fur farms are generally not a safe place for minks, as they are kept in captivity and are not meant to be contained in that way. Once the minks have grown to full size, they are often killed for their fur.

How Much Do Mink Lashes Cost?

The pricing depends upon if they are made from real mink fur or PBT. Generally, real mink lashes are more expensive than other types of lashes because of their production process. They can range from $20+ per pair of lashes.

As for faux mink lashes, these are on the cheaper side since they are made from synthetic material. They can range from $10-$20 a pair.

What About Other Types of Lashes?

Not all lash extensions are cruelty-free. If you value the treatment of animals when it comes to your hair, skin, and makeup products, then you should be aware of which ones are vegan-friendly.

Real Fur Mink Lashes

As mentioned earlier, real mink lashes are not vegan nor are they cruelty-free. The production of these lashes involves fur farms where minks are kept and used for their fur. Some fur farms claim to be free from animal cruelty, but it's not true. It's highly unlikely that these farms are able to produce lashes at scale without harming the animals, according to PETA.

Cashmere, Sable, and Velvet Eyelashes

Cashmere, sable, and velvet lashes are all created from PBT just like faux mink lashes. So they are all vegan friendly, unless explicitly stated otherwise. These names are for marketing purposes to let users know about their comfort or how soft they are.

Different brands may call their lashes by some other name, so it's important to check their product descriptions. This will let you know if these lashes are vegan and safe to use.

Silk False Lashes

Silk eyelash extensions can be vegan and cruelty-free, if they are made from synthetic material. If they are made from silkworms, which isn't too common, then it's not a vegan-friendly set of lashes. To make silk lashes from real silk, the producers must kill the silkworms.

Synthetic Lash Extensions

Any lashes made from a synthetic material like PBT is animal cruelty-free. These lashes are made from some kind of plastic and are becoming increasingly popular amongst makeup wearers.

Are Synthetic Lashes Better than Mink?

Depending on the brand, there's no difference between lashes labeled mink or synthetic. If they are faux mink lashes, then they are made from the same material as synthetic lashes—PBT. It's your personal preference on whether you believe one is better than the other, because they are both made from the same material.

Lash Adhesive

Not all lash adhesives are created equally! If you are looking for vegan strip lashes or extensions, then you should make sure that your adhesive is vegan-friendly as well. Lots of times these adhesives are tested on animals, so it's always best to check if they are marked cruelty-free before purchasing.

It's also best to see the ingredients since lots of adhesives contain carcinogens, formaldehyde, excess fragrance, and other harmful chemicals. Since this is going near your eye, please make sure that your skin can tolerate the adhesive first before applying your lashes.

Best Vegan False Eyelashes


If you are trying to find the best vegan faux mink synthetic lashes, then look no further than FlutterHabit! The lashes were designed to look and feel like real mink lashes, without animal cruelty.

Since it's made from PBT, FlutterHabit's lashes can hold a curl, and depending on the style you choose, they can come already curled for you. Whether you want a naturally long lash look or something fun and flirty, FlutterHabit has the lash style of your dreams.

They are segmented into pieces that are meant to be applied under your natural lashes. This application method is better than regular strip lashes because it gives you the salon-ready lash extension look without the lash extension price.

E.L.F. Cosmetics

If you are looking for convenient vegan lashes, then E.L.F. is a great brand to shop at. They are typically available in drug stores, gas stations, and even Target. They carry a couple of different looks and are very affordable.

Tigress Beauty

Tigress Beauty is perfect if you want more dramatic and super voluminous lashes. They are on the pricier side, but if you really value the length and thickness of a lash it may be worth it to you.