Are faux mink lashes better than silk?

Are faux mink lashes better than silk?

When it comes to false lashes or falsies, there are tons of options to choose from. At first glance, you might think that all falsies are the same, but they are not created equal. Falsies differ in material, quality, and cost, and they come in tons of different styles.

If you're new to this world of lashes, choosing between falsies can be overwhelming. Picking the correct lashes requires research. You want to ensure that whatever you're putting on your eye is not only safe but also fits the look that you're going for.

Falsies can be made from either synthetic materials or fur. You will rarely find any falsies made from human hair.

People will say that mink lashes are the best option since they're the most natural-looking and lightweight falsies, making them the most comfortable type to wear. But, the reason why people love mink lashes is the exact same reason most people absolutely despise them.

Some companies claim to produce their mink lashes without having to kill or harm the minks. But animal rights activists and organizations such as PETA believe that it's unlikely that mink lashes can be made 100% cruelty-free.

Because of this, more people are turning away from mink lashes, no matter how gorgeous and elegant they may be. People are now turning to synthetic lashes such as faux mink and silk lashes for their falsies — but which of the two is better?

In this article, we will compare these two popular types of lashes. By the end, you will be able to decide which of the two is better for you. Let's dive in!

Faux Mink Lashes vs Silk Lashes

When choosing the right synthetic lashes, there are three main criteria you should focus on and use to compare each lash.

The first thing you need to take note of is the material used to create the lashes. The second would be the quality of the lashes and how they look and feel on your eyes. The final criteria are how cost-effective the lashes are.

We'll be using these three criteria to evaluate the faux mink and silk lashes and compare the two against one another. We will also include when and where each lash is best used and how long they last.

What are they made from?

Both faux mink lashes and silk lashes are made from synthetic material.

Contrary to popular belief, silk lashes aren't actually made from real silk. Real silk isn't capable of holding the shape and curl of the lashes. Instead, they're made from a synthetic material that is supposed to mimic silk fibers. Not all brands use the same type of synthetic material when it comes to silk lashes so you'll have to do a bit more research on brands that sell silk lashes.

Faux mink lashes are made from a synthetic material called PBT or polybutylene terephthalate, a type of polyester that is known to be flexible and durable so it holds the shape and curl of lashes beautifully. It is also an ultra-lightweight material that imitates the look and feel of real mink fur lashes, making it the perfect cruelty-free option for real mink lashes.

How do they look and feel?

Silk lashes are considered mid-weight lashes. They can be just as fine as faux mink lashes but the eyelash band for silk lashes is usually thicker, so you can feel them on your eyes while you're wearing them. But there is an advantage to these mid-weight lashes, you'll know if they're starting to fall off because you'll feel it.

Faux mink lashes on the other hand are soft to the touch and lightweight. They can blend in seamlessly with your natural eyelashes and you won't even feel that they're there. The material used in faux mink lashes is also least likely to cause any allergic reactions so these are great for people who have sensitivities to allergens. These are also the reasons why faux mink lashes are also used as eyelash extensions and not only falsies.

How much do they cost?

Synthetic lashes are much cheaper than lashes made with fur. Silk lashes and faux mink lashes are pretty much in the same price range. Depending on the brand the price can vary between $18 to $30. Real mink fur lashes are valued between $70 to $100.

When is it best to use each type of lashes?

Because silk lashes usually have thicker bands, they are great for creating a fuller lash look that you'd typically want during special occasions. Brides like to wear these kinds of lashes because they are usually more extravagant and glamorous looking.

Faux mink falsies are more on the natural side and are perfect for everyday use. But you can still layer on faux mink falsies to create a fuller and lavish look without it being noticeable that it's fake.

How many times can you use them?

It depends on the brand. Some brands are single-use only. It's usually the cheaper eyelash brands that suggest disposing of the eyelashes after one use. But higher-quality brands—for both silk and faux mink falsies—can be reused up to five times. We know that sounds short, but some brands sell falsies in packs of 6.

You can use 6 pairs of eyelashes for 5 days each which can last you up to a month. But this varies from person to person depending on how well they take care of their lashes — so take care of your lashes!

So, which of these two synthetic lashes is better?

Faux mink is usually the better option among the two because of its lightweight soft-to-the-touch material. It really does a good job imitating real mink fur, giving that fluffy and natural look that really brightens up and enhances the eyes, and it's cruelty-free!

Silk lashes are also great, but they often look cheaper and they are more noticeably fake because of their thick lash band. But in the end, it's really up to your personal preferences. If you like a more exaggerated lash look and you don't mind that your lashes obviously aren't real, go for silk lashes.

If you want a light and fluffy eyelash that looks just like your real eyelashes but so much fuller and enhanced, go for faux mink. Both faux mink eyelash extensions and synthetic lashes are great, but eyelash extensions would definitely last longer and look more seamless than falsies. Plus you can always layer the lashes if you want them to look a bit more extravagant.

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