Affordably Eyelash Extension styles

Looking for faux mink lashes that you can apply from the comfort of your own home? You’ve come to the right place - at FlutterHabit, we handcraft our faux-mink eyelash extensions to be everything you've ever wanted from false lashes. 

Now, you can easily glam up your lashes without making an appointment and spending an arm and a leg. 

With six awesome options, it's now easier than ever to get the lash look you’re after at prices that fit your budget. The only hard part is choosing which pack you want to try first!

Affordable Eyelash Extensions That Can Be Done From Home

No matter how awesome your lash tech is, they likely still cost more than you’d like to spend every few weeks - or maybe you’re having trouble getting an appointment with everything going on in the world today. 

Or, have you been doing your own eyelashes at home but longing for a better way? Not all DIY eyelash extensions are created equal unfortunately. 

Whatever the case may be, the secret is out - faux-mink eyelash extensions are the way to go!

But, only if you use the right products and tools for the job - and that’s exactly why we created FlutterHabit.

Why Is FlutterHabit The Best Place To Buy Faux-Mink Lashes?

When it comes to affordable eyelash extensions - there are tons of brands available online. Maybe you’ve even tried some of them in the past!

But where most of these brands fall short is in the quality of their faux-mink lashes. Fortunately for you, that’s where we exceed expectations.

All our lashes are made by hand and are as soft as they are beautiful. They’ve been designed in ultra-light segments and can easily be applied under your natural lash using our eyelash adhesive and application tools.

Not only that, but we offer a wide range of affordable eyelash extensions you can choose from - because you need a set to match your unique, natural lashes.

What Are The Different Faux-Mink Eyelash Extensions Available At FlutterHabit?

Our lash lineup is extensive - we guarantee you’ll find the perfect cruelty-free mink lashes online right here at FlutterHabit.


The Original is the style that started FlutterHabit and has been one of the most popular styles for a more full look. Once you see the before and afters on our product page, you’ll see why!

They offer the most length out of all our sets - with the longest strands reaching  12mm.

These are full, dramatic extensions that you really can’t go wrong with. But, they aren’t the only style we offer.


Shorties are pretty much the exact opposite of The Original. As the name suggests, these are our shortest lash - but they’re widely considered our most comfortable and casual look!

Not everyone needs a dramatic, full lash - some of us are after a more subtle, understated look, which these are perfect for.

They’re incredibly lightweight, and perfect if you have great natural lashes already and just want to supplement them a bit. 


Not too short, not too long - the happy (medium) is a perfect middle ground between Shorties and The Original.

The longest fibers here are about 10.5mm, and they feature the same doll-eye shape as The Originals. 


While the Shorties are incredibly comfy and subtle, if you want a look with just a tad more length - The Sweetheart is perfect lash for you.

The Sweetheart length falls between the Shorties and The Happy (Medium) in terms of length and are great for spicing up what would be an otherwise subtle, understated look with just a bit more glam and drama - without the lashes being too long and taking all the attention away from your gorgeous eyes.


The Flirt is exactly what it sounds like - perfect if you’re looking to show off your sassy side with a bit longer, fuller, and more dramatic lash extension.

The Flirt is quickly gaining popularity as our most dramatic style with it's full and intense curl! These faux-mink lashes are a bit shorter than the original, but many would consider them our most dramatic style. 


While most of the styles we’ve shared thus far feature a doll-eye look, the wink offers a more fun cat-eye shape. 

The Wink is perfect for anyone looking to try a fun cat eye that isn't too dramatic. The length is similar to The Happy (Mediums) except those long outside lashes that stretch to 13mm.  

In our opinion, these are also the easiest to apply since they’re more narrow. You likely won’t even have to trim them!


We know what you’re thinking - how am I supposed to choose among these six amazing faux-mink eyelash extension styles?

It's never been easier to try each style and decide your favorite. Test each style in our new Collection box, which comes with one pair of each lash so you can find your perfect lash for each of your looks. Wear the subtle Shorties to work and the dramatic Flirts for a night out, and come back to subscribe and save once you've fallen in love with your perfect style. 

Need Help Choosing The Right Faux Mink Lashes For You?

We just described all six types of faux-mink eyelash extensions here, and we even have a sample pack so you can try them all.

But if you want to get it right from the start, take our quiz and we’ll actually recommend you a set at the end! 

Or, try our virtual try-on found on Instagram. Click through and see instantly what each style might look like on your eyes! We’ve created a filter so you can experience them for yourself that you can find as a tab on our Instagram page. 

So, what are you waiting for?! You found the lashes you've always dreamed of at a price you can actually afford. 

They’re lightweight, soft and natural, apply under your natural lash to give you incredibly natural looking extensions, & last up to a week per pair!

Subscribe and save for additional discounts and have the lashes delivered automatically to you on your timeline (every 30, 45 or 60 days).